Silicon Valley Whistleblower: ‘SMART Cities’ Worldwide Are Being Converted Into ‘Open Concentration Camps’

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Technocracy is scientific dictatorship and it is rising up all around us. Americans need to take eyes off of political dogfights and see that the Biden Administration is spending billions to embed “SMART CITY” technology all across our nation. It is the infrastructure of a gulag without physical walls. ⁃ TN Editor

Aman Jabbi is a native of India and an engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for 25 years, co-inventor of two cellphone camera apps. He emigrated to the United States in 1988 because he admired America’s culture of liberty and ingenuity.

Jabbi now lives in Big Fork, Montana, and has become, in my opinion, one of the most important whistleblowers and voices of warning about the coming beast system.


His message needs to be heard by all Americans and I highly recommend my readers find one hour during the Thanksgiving weekend to hear him out in the video I have posted below. If you agree with me that his message is essential, please share this article and the video with your friends and family.

Before you can break out of the matrix, you need to know that you live in a matrix, and that involves recognizing the tentacles of the matrix gaining a stranglehold on your life.

Most of us spend way too much time focused on the wrong things. We talk endlessly about what’s going on in Washington when we’ve invited the beast system right into our homes, even get it injected into our own bodies. We place ourselves on a path to destruction out of fear, lack of information (ignorance) and lack of discernment.

Even if you live in a red state like Florida, Georgia, Tennessee or Texas, you will not be insulated or protected from the beast system because its claws are already dug into the infrastructure of all 50 states.

We have people, well-intentioned people, in the conservative movement who make their living warning us about the socialists, the communists or the Islamists.

Here’s the hard truth: We could eliminate every single socialist, communist and Islamist from America tomorrow and we would still be in a heap of trouble because the globalists already have the laws and technological infrastructure in place to convert our Republic into a technocratic slave state.

Some of the most advanced elements of this infrastructure, as Jabbi points out, are in states like Florida and Georgia and other red states.

This is the dark underside of tyranny that nobody wants to talk about. Not a single politician talks about it on a regular basis. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky comes perhaps the closest to understanding this system but I wonder if even he understands the full scope of the problem.

The way to defeat this system is so simple and yet so difficult. One thing I can promise you is that we will never vote our way out of it because the same people who are laying the infrastructure for SMART Cities worldwide are in control of the voting systems internationally.

Because there are so many of us as opposed to so few of them, we must use the power of numbers.

All we have to do is say no. Reject the tools of our enslavement that are offered on a shiny silver platter that looks so enticing.

We must recognize that these are the very same tools and products that make our busy 21st century lives so convenient, so efficient and entertaining. And so we buy them on cue, we upgrade them on cue, we hand over our biometric data on cue, until one day we will wake up and realize we have convenienced ourselves and entertained ourselves right into a digital gulag from which there is no escape.

This is how the globalists intend on breaking the backs of free Americans. They will do it through our finances, through the healthcare system and through the entertainment systems. Digital ID cards disguised as “health passports” or “SMART Health Cards,” will be required to work a job, to access the Internet and the coming digital bank accounts or digital wallets. The convergence of all these systems will make sure, in the words of U.N. Agenda 2030, “no person gets left behind.”

By the time most people wake up and see that they have walked into a trap, it will be too late. They will have all your data, they will know everything about you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities.

As Jabbi says, “You can deny reality but you can’t deny the consequences.”

The choice is simple. Will you choose to live as a slave in a digital concentration camp, or as a free human being in full possession of your bodily autonomy and your free will?

Without further adieu, I invite you to hear Aman Jabbi. If you don’t have the time to listen to the full video, you will still learn a lot in the first 20 to 25 minutes. In fact, I would recommend watching only half of this video and making notes, process it, then watch the second half.

Jabbi gives what I believe is the most comprehensive description of the Beast System that I have seen anywhere.

So you can see that most of the damage is being done at the local level using federal money.

The large cities are toast. They’re all converting to SMART technology and anyone still living in one should make plans to leave immediately.

If you don’t believe me, type “Smart city networks” into your favorite search engine and peruse what comes up.

But it’s more than just big cities. I’m not sure that many medium or even small cities will be able to resist being folded into this techno-totalitarian infrastructure. What is still within our control is our homes and, ultimately, our own souls, and this is what we must protect from the demonic spirits of control that have been unleashed upon the world.

What Jabbi is describing in the above video is an extremely invasive technology being set up in SMART Cities – from license-plate readers to SMART Lights and SMART Poles to SMART cars and SMART neighborhoods, SMART homes and SMART appliances – all connected to 5G and wirelessly communicating with each other.

If you pay attention, you will see hundreds of these LED light poles lining streets and highways and in many cases they are retrofitted with surveillance cameras and speakers for listening. Jabbi also talks about drones charging stations being set up and how drones might be weaponized against citizens.

All of this weaponized infrastructure is being installed with federal money, hundreds of millions of dollars tucked into Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill as well as his Inflation Reduction Act bill, both of which were passed by Congress with help from Republicans.

City and county leaders are fools for federal grants. They typically don’t even question what they are buying into with someone else’s money. To them, it’s just free money to “invest” in local infrastructure.

And, as Jabbi lays out, it’s all being done in the name of safety and security.


Many of these LED Smart lights are outfitted with what’s called PUKE Ray technology, which can be weaponized and used to incapacitate humans. This is a military technology being applied in our cities for potential use against civilians, curtesy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

All major intersections in a SMART City have digital surveillance cameras. Pay attention to interstate highways, which are also now being outfitted with this technology. These cameras will be capable of logging the license plates of every car that passes by in real time.

Cameras and listening devices are going up everywhere, in large, medium and even smaller cities.


Your cellphone is listening to you as well. And many of the newest phones are capable of tracking your eye movements on the screen.

“They’re listening in, they’re watching, they’re analyzing, they’re learning and then it repeats the process,” Jabbi said. “It’s an open concentration camp for surveillance.”

And all of this technology is not for our safety and security, as advertised. It’s to grab data and use it to “change your behavior,” meaning the data will be used to enforce the coming social-credit scoring system on all Americans and free people everywhere.


If you have one of the newer models of refrigerators that digitally tracks your fridge’s inventory, all that data is being logged for future use against you. Eating too much meat and dairy? Your social credit score just got lowered a notch because the globalists don’t like us eating meat. It’s not “sustainable,” in their vision for the world.


By 2025, Jabbi said every new car will have a minimum of 16 cameras, all digitally connected and feeding information via the internet.

Driving too much outside of your home base adding unnecessarily to your carbon footprint? That’s a waste of gasoline and your social credit score just ticked down another notch.


It’s already been confirmed, earlier this year, that the major banks and credit card companies track your purchases of guns and ammunition, and all of the biggest banks are experimenting with a “voluntary” carbon tracker app that notifies you of your carbon footprint. This is just a warm up for when they launch the new digital money, when keeping track of your carbon output no longer falls under the “voluntary” mode.


Remember how that worked out in Colorado this summer, when people enrolled in a “voluntary” temperature monitoring program suddenly lost all control over their home thermostats.

The goal is to digitally map all things, living and non-living, even every tree and bush in nature will have a digital ID. Because once you catalogue them, and map them, now you can track them and control them.

The infrastructure for a lockdown police state is already in place.

There are 1 billion digital surveillance cameras connected to the Internet worldwide. And 50 million of them are in US. That’s more per capita than they have in China, according to Jabbi.

The difference is that in China the people know they are being watched 24/7 and they’re compliant, because they know there will be penalties for violating the rules. They know they are slaves and they accept it.

“In the U.S. they are already doing this (surveillance),” Jabbi says. “The only difference is they haven’t told us yet… We are already in the same global system of surveillance.”

Some call it the “Internet of Eyes.” But the beast also has ears.

It’s not human eyes and human ears that are tracking everything we do, like in Nazi Germany or the old Soviet Union. No, it’s artificial intelligence, A.I., which is now watching over the prison.

Unlike in China, where the slaves know their lot in life, most Americans are still oblivious to the prison walls going up around them.

This prison is built on oppression and collection. The beast feeds on data. Your data.

We don’t see it because the tools of oppression, the same tools used in China, are presented differently here in America. We’re told the surveillance cams are all there to catch bad guys.

It’s for our safety and security.




Those are the three catch words used to draw us in.

If you know you’re not a bad guy, but you enjoy convenience, it’s tempting to say to yourself, “I have nothing to hide.” If you still have those thoughts, you have a very naïve view of how these systems work and what their ultimate agenda entails.

It’s not just about catching bad guys and bad people.

While they can be used for that purpose, there is much more going on.

The data they are gathering on you is considered valuable for one reason and one reason only: to get you to change your behavior and submit to the beast system – a system that knows where you are at all times, what you are doing, what you are spending your money on, your time on, even what you are thinking.

By giving them your data, you give them the ability to monitor and assess your behavior, which can now be converted into a social credit score. That score is then used to determine what privileges you qualify for and which ones you don’t in the new slave society.

Are you living a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle and helping to fight climate change? Are you a team player? If not, you will not be allowed to participate in society.

This is exactly how the C-19 vax was rolled out, through coercive policies enforced not just by government but by its corporate partners, and John Kerry said at the COP27 conference in Egypt that this is the model they will use to enforce compliance with the sustainability agenda being pushed by the United Nations and its myriad partners in the private sector, headed by the World Economic Forum.

If your social credit score dips below a certain level you lose your privileges, maybe your kids don’t get into the better schools, or you lose out on promotions at work. You can’t enter restaurants or public events. You’re separated out by the new Apartheid system being overseen by artificial intelligence.

Now, once the digital programable money is in place, you don’t get to spend your money on certain things and it’s limited to certain areas.

Once this system is in place, you will have a digital ID required for EVERYTHING.

Eventually, you won’t be able to access any government or public services, you won’t be able travel across national borders or access healthcare, or the internet without a digital ID.

They believe they can get away with this because 5.5 billion of the world’s 7.5 billion people already complied with the dry run, the dress rehearsal if you will, which was the jab and accepting it as the passport for entry into public places.

You will be required to prove your identity through a digital program containing your unique biometric markers, a thumb print or a facial scan. Cellphones are already asking and prodding us for this information. The new driver’s licenses all want biometric markers.

Your face will be linked to a new digital CBDC currency. Without it, you will be locked out of the system – no job, no healthcare, no social security check, no buying or selling, nothing. That’s the plan folks. And they want to achieve this by 2030 at the latest. They will likely spring the new digital money system on us in 2023, and phase out cash all together within a few years after that.

We can still fight back but we must harden ourselves and resolve not to become a digital slave. How do we do that?


  • Ditch all unnecessary devices. Apple Watches, RING doorbells, Alexa, robotic vacuum cleaners, baby monitors, high-tech refrigerators. THESE ARE ALL EYES AND EARS RIGHT INSIDE YOUR HOME!
  • Shop local farmers for your vegetables, meat and dairy. Use thrift shops and smaller independent gas stations (yes you’ll usually pay a little more). It’s always better to buy with cash from a local mom and pop retailer who doesn’t have cameras on you from the time you walk into their store till the time you walk out.
  • Turn off routers before you go to bed at night.
  • Use faraday bags for phones when traveling, but let’s be honest, we’re all going to have to disable our cellphones at some point if we want to remain free.
  • Develop parallel systems, focusing on low tech alternatives.
  • Do you have any other ideas on how to disrupt and disable the Beast’s appetite for gathering data? Please share in the comments below.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a spiritual war being waged with high-tech tools in the hands of very wealthy Luciferian elites.

But there is nothing higher than the throne of Christ. If you haven’t already, I would invite you to put your faith in Him and him alone.

Read full story here…

About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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David Lambert

Shortwave radios

As a Christ-follower, all of this is no surprise. Bible teachers taught about a world monetary system back when I was a child in the 1960s and long before that! They were ridiculed for suggesting Europe would form a New Roman Empire and have a single currency which would then be absorbed into the world monetary system for which you would need a “Mark” on your palm or forehead to access. We who follow Jesus do not need to fear. I encourage you to read your Bible, particularly the last book in most translations, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. (See… Read more »

David Currie

I agree, except the final book in the Holy Bible is the Revelation or Apocalypse of St. John the Baptist.


I keep hearing THEY are doing “this” to humanity. WHO ARE THEY?????

Last edited 4 months ago by Dora

Jak to kto? MAS(ONI). Czyli globaliści i filantropi, którzy powinni zostać za*ici.


The spiritual Descendants of the Sanhedrin…


[…] Silicon Valley Whistleblower: ‘SMART Cities’ Worldwide Are Being Converted Into ‘O… […]


Look into as the alternative internet to come. Enough of us get involved in this project and we can eventually develop the mesh network to work outside the whole domination system.


One thing that confuses me is the abortion issue in this country. Since banning abortion is going against the depopulation tactics why is it being allowed to flourish? I would think that there would be more support for abortion. Perhaps the decrease in sperm counts, and the sterilizing of females, is going to make this uncalled for and support of antiabortion just confuses people.


Because God gave man a mind which is powerful. Evil is rising because the consciousness of man has embraced idols. But there still are those praying hard for the unborn creating anomolies like the overturning of Roe. The evil of this world are no match for the laws of God. Take solice in that. The number one thing all of us can do is repent, stay as righteous as possible, and get any thoughts of fear, hate, lust, etc. from your mind. It all starts and ends with the mind. Read Genesis 30 37:40. God gives us a supernatural glimpse… Read more »


To increase divisiveness and keep the populace busy fighting each other while they continue to implement their agendas. It’s a distraction.


No. Abortion is their religion and must be protected at all costs. I would agree with your assessment with most issues, but not on abortion.


They do not need abortion if we are being reduced in our ability to have children through various means. It can be said that the multitude of things being carried out is in fact reducing fertility rates in women and men. If they accomplish this, there will no longer be confined to this method of population control. We should look to these frequencies we are bathing in as a potential cause along with the vaccines, metals, GMO/GM everything and even plastics. I am pretty sure there is evidence that high levels of radiation can do this rather quickly, so there… Read more »


Abortion was NOT stopped. It was turned back to the states. But it should be left up to your private doctor and you!

[…] Read More: SMART Cities’ Worldwide Are Being Converted Into ‘Open Concentration Camps’ […]


More suggestions: save seed, grow food, buy guns & ammo, learn to hunt, raise & butcher farm animals,buy medical supplies, tools and get a wood burner stove, solar panels & solar hot water. Store water in tanks from rain. Composting toilet for free fertilizer. Make friends with neighbors with complimentary skills & mindset. Built tornado/hurricane shelter.


This is OK. But not a good enough long term strategy for survival and beating the apocalypse.

[…] reports: Jabbi now lives in Big Fork, Montana, and has become, in my opinion, one of the most important whistleblowers and voices of warning about the coming beast system. […]

Do it

If any of your neighbors or family members give that “if you have nothing to hide” routine go off on them. Shame them. Shun them. If any home you visit has an Alexa device or Ring doorbell camera tell them you have to leave. Make it shameful to have this technology.


Canada is unfortunately well on it’s way to thi digital slavery. Unfortunately too many Canadians are still saying “thank you”, when they should be saying “I DO NOT CONSENT”.
Those os us who are aware are busy working on solutions that are similar to what you suggest. Great article.

[…] reports: Jabbi now lives in Big Fork, Montana, and has become, in my opinion, one of the most important whistleblowers and voices of warning about the coming beast system. […]


Omg WOOT! It’s the “islamists”. And the “communists”!

Arleen Lipke

Watch some of the experts in finance, health and prepping for their suggestions. May I suggest, Katherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Joseph Mercola and a few of the many preppers on u-tube for starters. And as And We Know always ends their video presentations, “Pray!” PS: Be sure to call your electric provider an opt out of “smart meter” installation for your house or property. It will cost a little more on your monthly bill, but its well worth the extra money! And, ditch some of the big bank credit cards, like CitiCorp, Chase Morgan, Bank of America, MasterCard, Visa, and… Read more »


Hmm, it’s “without further ado”, not Adieu. Adieu means good-bye in French.


The majority always prevails. And who are the majority? The vaxxed aka herd of sheep who follow the “SCIENCE”. Albeit, they won’t be the majority for much longer. They’ll go for this and the rest of us who see what’s coming will have no choice but to follow. Thankfully, this new system will also have some positives like the elimination of the present day medical system and the elimination of govt. bureaucracy. They can’t take everything away from us and not give back something. I am too old for all this, I will probably not see all of this coming…… Read more »

[…] Rapports de : Jabbi vit maintenant à Big Fork, dans le Montana, et est devenu, à mon avis, l’un des dénonciateurs et lanceurs d’alerte les plus importants concernant le système de la bête à venir. […]


Unfortunately, if the majority prevails again we’ll have no other choice but to become “the discontents”, “the savages”, a group they well account for, and live this way for a period of time as long as this system exists. It will eventually collapse. The Bible gives a time frame of seven years, if I remember correctly, split into two 3.5 year periods, and the Beast system will hold for either 3.5 or 7 years. It’s in the book of Revelations.

David Currie

The Holy Bible tells us who is behind all the evil being forced on humanity during these end times: the Vatican (literally means “worshippers of the serpent”), and its Jesuits (the army of satan). The “corporations” are all owned by the Vatican, if you trace the pyramid of power to the top of the pyramids of pyramids of power. That’s why they worship the pyramid: if you control the top you control the pyramid, and if you control the tops of the pyramids of pyramids of power you control the entire pyramid of power.