Day 12: Rejecting Technocracy

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Having just written eleven essays showing how Technocracy is a malignant cancer growing at breakneck speed all around the world, and especially in the United States, I will not sugar coat either the problem or the solution.

Four years ago, I wrote my first book on Technocracy, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. I purposely used the term “Trojan Horse” to express that this has been a well-disguised sneak attack from the very beginning.

Today, the trap door is open and the attackers are pouring out. They are in plain view, working their craft to ensnare us into a Scientific Dictatorship.

Yet, Americans continue in oblivion, distracted by every imaginable political sideshow that has no substance, and entertained by a constant parade of bread and circuses.

Our epitaph could well read, “America: Alas, She Died In Her Sleep”.

In the meantime, there are thousands of Americans diligently defending their local communities from the various tentacles of Technocracy: Smart Grid, property rights abuses, 5G rollout, government mandated vaccinations, surveillance cameras, global warming and so many more.

To have any significant impact to actually STOP Technocracy, this force needs to replicate itself at scale and with great speed.

It is essential to understand that the national government will not and cannot save your local community, city or county. Washington is already swimming with Technocrats who are using the Federal apparatus to promote Technocracy throughout America. The last and only line of defense is in your local cities, towns an counties. This successful strategy has been proven time and time again, and it works.

Target The Achilles Heel

In Day 6: Technocracy’s Necessary Requirements, I listed the original items that need to be in place for Technocracy to take hold. These requirements were clearly stated in the Technocracy Study Course and they are just as valid today as they were in 1934.

To the extent that we can block or scramble any of those requirements, we can deal a serious blow to advancement of Technocracy and Technocrats. Thus, it is imperative to focus on these things:

  • Smart Grid, Smart Meters, Alternative Energy – There is no doubt that the national power grid needs to be updated, but not in a way that seeks to control energy. There is no energy shortage and there is no demonstrated need for “alternative energy”. Stop those plans. Expose them. Educate your local officials to not fall prey to the false narrative that the world will end in 12 years if they don’t take action. Demand that your local and elected officials personally write all city and county ordinances and block outside lobbyists from having any foothold.
  • 5G rollout and Internet of Things – If Technocrats fully implement 5G, artificial intelligence programs will take over the Internet of Things. By stoping 5G Small Cell antennas from being erected in your community, you could deal a fatal blow to near-term plans for Technocracy.
  • Surveillance cameras, license plate readers, militarization of police – Again, these are local issues that can only be addressed locally. Demand that your local leaders re-cast your law enforcement as peace keepers instead of military wannabes. Do not trade security for privacy.
  • Demand data privacy – Your local officials can create and pass binding resolutions that literally tie technocrats in knots when they are denied free access to your data. Your city exists to protect the rights of its citizens; make them work at it!
  • Reject regionalization – Most UN policies for Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, are imposed through regional governance entities called Councils of Governments. These are organizations are patently unconstitutional and you should demand that your city, town and county withdraw from and reject all such regionalization.
  • Education reform in your local schools – Any and all outside influence over education and curricula must be rejected, with control being returned to parents and local teachers. If they refuse, encourage everyone in your community to get their children out of government schools and into private or home school situations. As documented in Day 10: Technocracy and Education, human conditioning promoted by Technocracy is toxic and NOT eduction.

This is not an exclusive list, and I will reserve the right to edit or add to this article in the future. However, I hope you get the idea that you have the power in your hands to make immense changes in your local community that will stop Technocracy and Technocrats dead in their tracks.

Turn off the TV. Quit wasting time shaking your fist at Washington theatrics. Get up. Get out. Meet people where you live, shop, raise children, etc. Make a difference. Sure, you may get some resistance, but I can virtually guarantee that you will be shocked by the numbers of fellow citizens who are thinking the same as you are.

Despite our efforts to the contrary, it is possible and perhaps even probable, that Technocracy will win and throw us into a Scientific Dictatorship from which there is no escape. On the other hand, Americans have overcome seemingly insurmountable enemies in our past, but only to the extent that we came together as AMERICA and threw off the forces that sought to bury us.

Where do you stand?

About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Education reform in local schools is impossible. Credentialed teachers are almost all indoctrinated into cultural Marxism and the curriculum material is of the same worldview. Skip the attempt to reform government controlled schools and abandon them completely.


i left teaching for this very reason. I only worked in alternative charter schools, that overall had good intentions, but were ignorant of the agenda. Their good intentions to help children wasnt enough. As you say they are indoctrinated… The common core and other related things have destroyed education. I love teaching, and I always will, but id rather never teach again, than subject even one child to the lies of this insidious and psychopathic propaganda system. I now work a low wage job because i refuse to participate in the PURE EVIL of the system. I am trying to… Read more »

Thomas tierce

Lol common core is evil?…. You claim to be a teacher yet don’t understand a concept that is so simple at its core that it is over looked hence why it needs to be taught. Before, teachers required students to work out math problems using one or two separate ways and then also required it the documentation of that work so effectively they were taught that only 1or2 were the only ways to solve this & it led to a narrow future for problem solving yet despite most students being lead to believe/trust what teachers say, especially if it’s trusting… Read more »

S. Big

I think Thomas needs an English refresher course in punctuation and sentence structure. Does the Common Core curriculum include objectives for the teaching of writing skills? I have heard many horror stories about how math is now being taught. There have been many parents who complain about how frustrated their child has become because of the way math is now being taught. In some cases, the frustration has become so bad, the child no longer wishes to attend school. Fortunately, I left teaching before this curriculum was put into our schools. When we lost our local control to write our… Read more »

Jay Jay

Thomas, I had difficulty understanding parts of your text due to spelling mistakes, grammar and poor sentence structuring.

With that said, I’m neither for or against the common core because I firmly believe there is more than one way to skin a cat, so I say let people choose how they want to learn rather than force them into one box over another.

I personally find the Homeschooling/Home education approach to be very satisfying and efficient as it allows for social elements and learning elements to be separated to improve learning.

Miss Pea

Maybe there are groups of parents who could use your experience to teach their children. Look at finding parents who may be desperately looking for someone like you!!!!

For Damar

Yes, friends, family, & co-workers were desperate for this kind of assistance for their children!!- They already have their hands full & constantly indicated that they could use some experienced Educational guidance!-

For Damar

Kids still NEED you, badly!!.. You should help develop & prepare Home-School curricula!!.. And you MUST Tutor!!.. I know highly educated former teachers who now flourish by offering one-on-one guidance sessions for students. So many parents need this professional assistance daily!!- It’s just Pure, quality Learning without any bureaucratic or technocratic funny business!!..

Rachel E

We need more small parochial schools and homeschooling hubs instead.
Force the public schools to fire the Marxist bums refusing to go to work.

Quinn Mallory

You have still not explained what is so bad about technocracy. I’ve read all parts of this series and I still don’t see the problem. Bread may not be a sufficient condition for the life of man, but it is a necessary one, and technocracy will ensure that it and the other necessities of life are provided.

Thomas tierce

Explain how any of this applies to mainland oil/gas wells in the US nearing depletion & how alternative energy is something to avoid when it is the only solution for human survival while we transition to alternatives like fusion energy, that will not end well for those zlat behind.

S. Big

I would be delighted to answer Thomas’ question about oil and gas since my state of Texas produces both! Thomas, we are not running out of oil or gas, or water! Our earth has plenty of all of these resources. You have been lied to. So, get this straight! No matter who tells you we are running out of oil, gas or water, they are telling you this to get you to believe this so they can put into place their worthless but expensive windmills which do not generate as much electricity as our other sources from coal or atomic… Read more »

Erik Nielsen

Let me explain. You become like a poodle jumping on two legs in front of the old ladies tea table to get a cookie.
All your emotions go away. Your brain is no more yours but will be filled from outside with instructions and narratives. You will be managed by outside forces.


But he is willing that


“We came together as AMERICA…”
Are the rest of us not in this fight?

Rachel E

If you’re able to organize locally go for it. But your country will have different rules and boundaries.
This is not just anti American but anti national. And anti human.


Excellent series, Patrick. We can debate all day about single issues but until people get the BIG PICTURE, they will get bogged down in details and become ineffective. Your work gives people that big picture. If the technorats want to build a system where they control all the parts, we need to move all the parts around so they can’t control them. If they want make us go digital, go analog. If they try to scare us, be brave & stand your ground. If they try to stop us, push back. If they try to lie to us, speak the… Read more »

For Damar

Well, I’ve done my part to stay off the 5G/”smart” grid, & I usually “forget” my cell phone along the way- LOL!.. There’s no way to ruin a nice dinner out faster than to be offered a code to read the menu off your fittingly named, Android phone-blech!!.. I’ve always hated all the artificial gadgets, so it’s not hard for me to be a roadblock. Pro-Human. I also have been a stubborn outlier on the vaccine mania. Be yourself. Have Conviction. I think it’s working.. Also, AI Robots will never have real Courage or real people skills, so be sure… Read more »