Articles by Patrick Wood


Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Bear Of Global Transformation

Just as 9/11 brought the total surveillance state into existence, the coronavirus will usher in a new economic system. While that is taking place, the total surveillance state will be further reinforced by spending on IoT, social engineering projects, geospatial intelligence, etc.

Full Text of AOC’s Green New Deal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez felt it necessary to re-read the entire Green New Deal resolution on the House floor because too many Republicans just didn’t understand what it was. Now everyone is accountable to reject it.

Net Censorship Kills Free Speech In Britain

Thanks to PM Boris Johnson, Techno-Populism has swept Britain. The Populism element of the political equation will soon be discarded as Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” is established and Technocracy takes over.

China: Life And Death In A Technocracy

The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China, not only with the people suffering and dying, but also with its economy and political system. Everything that Technocrats had hoped to achieve with China, is now on its own deathbed with irregular heart beat. 

Coronavirus: An Analysis In Relation To Technocracy

People around the world are in near-panic over the potential pandemic emanating from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Face masks and bottles of hand sanitizers have been flying off the shelves and trips involving air travel are plummeting.