Merkel Admits: German Multiculturalism Has ‘Utterly Failed’

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The late Peter Sutherland, a member of the Trilateral Commission, originally pushed multiculturalism throughout Europe as an absolute necessary to achieve Sustainable Development. Needless to say, he lied.

NOTE: This story was originally published in 2010, but it was apparently mistakenly included in a recent RSS feed as if it had just been posted. TN will allow the story to remain because it is still an important historical insight into the failure of multiculturalism. ⁃ TN Editor

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has courted growing anti-immigrant opinion in Germany by claiming the country’s attempts to create a multicultural society have “utterly failed”.

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union party, Merkel said the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily “side by side” did not work.

She said the onus was on immigrants to do more to integrate into German society.

“This [multicultural] approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel told the meeting in Potsdam, west of Berlin, yesterday.

Her remarks will stir a debate about immigration in a country which is home to around 4 million Muslims.

Last week, Horst Seehofer, the premier of Bavaria and a member of the Christian Social Union – part of Merkel’s ruling coalition – called for a halt to Turkish and Arabic immigration.

In the past, Merkel has tried to straddle both sides of the argument by talking tough on integration but also calling for an acceptance of mosques.

But she faces pressure from within the CDU to take a harder line on immigrants who show resistance to being integrated into German society.

Yesterday’s speech is widely seen as a lurch to the right designed to placate that element in her party.

Merkel said too little had been required of immigrants in the past and repeated her argument that they should learn German in order to cope in school and take advantage of opportunities in the labour market.

The row over foreigners in Germany has shifted since former central banker Thilo Sarrazin published a highly-controversial book in which he accused Muslim immigrants of lowering the intelligence of German society.

Sarrazin was censured for his views and dismissed from the Bundesbank, but his book proved popular and polls showed Germans were sympathetic with the thrust of his arguments.

One recent poll showed one-third of Germans believed the country was “overrun by foreigners”.

It also found 55% of Germans believed that Arabs are “unpleasant people”, compared with the 44% who held the opinion seven years ago.

In her speech, Merkel said the education of unemployed Germans should take priority over recruiting workers from abroad, while noting that Germanycould not get by without skilled foreign workers.

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Dan M.

I was surprised to learn that Merkel is a member of the CDU. Her politics would suggest that she belongs to the SDP (the German Socialists). I speak fluent German and lived and worked in Bavaria in the 1970s for the Red Cross. I have since retired from the US postal service, which in Germany is operated (or was, at that time) by the phone company. One day while mailing a letter I jokingly asked one of the postal supervisors if they would hire me. He was not amused. He asked me, “why should we hire you, or any other… Read more »

Edward Spalton

For more on Peter Sutherland, Google
“Misled and Misleading- Western Leaders’ Response to Charlie Hebdo Murders”.
He gave evidence to the House of Lords that mass immigration was desirable to break up homogenous nation’s.


So you’re telling me that the people who follow a murderous, pedophile leader are not friendly? That the people who follow that religion, who demand that everyone either follow their religion, or be murdered, are not nice? Wow, that’s a real shocker.


This article is 8 years old!

Patrick Wood

They apparently changed the post date and then switched it back.


& pray tell Miss Marple why do you say German multiculturalism is a complete failure?
Is it a failure because you haven’t managed to obliterate your native people & culture yet?
Why are you still chancellor? Why are you in the most powerful position in Europe still?
You’ve used your own people as guinea pigs in a horrible mad scientist experiment that’s created a Frankenstein MONSTER……& it’s escaped your control.
I’m thinking we’re gonna be seeing the torch wielding villagers next to put this monster out of everyone’s misery.
She should step down in disgrace!


In other words, Merkel, YOU have utterly failed. Be honest and confess. Your core idea is a failure.

A successful and viable community isn’t created by a magic patch of dirt with borders. It requires shared culture and shared values. Otherwise, one piece of dirt is no more distinguishable from any other, and then exactly what would you be chancellor of, and frankly who would need you at all?


She’s a communist. Communists are stupid.


+1. “Communists are stupid”? That’s why I call Dem-, Dim-, Lib- TARDS.


where I can read more about intendent plan of multiculturalism in europe?

Chicago Matt

Apparently modern day Babylon (NWO) is not as bright as it once was? Even though the article maybe dated I think the issue is valid today. Doing away with National state sovereignty & culture is a designed path of the Globalist agenda. Keep them Peasants divided at every level. It’s done here in Globalist hub Chicago on every level. The 40 plus years I lived here its always been the narrative. Gotta keep em’ separated.