World Bank Announces Effort To Combat Climate Change

Board of Directors at World Bank
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TN Note: The World Bank has long been a leader in fomenting the globalization process. Six of the last eight Presidents of the World Bank have been members of the elitist Trilateral Commission. It is obviously throwing its entire weight toward climate change investments in a move toward Technocracy on a global scale. 

The World Bank, whose goals are to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity worldwide by 2030, announced last week that it will turn its attention to climate change.

“The World Bank Group’s Climate Change Action Plan, adopted today, is designed to help countries meet their Paris COP21 pledges and manage increasing climate impacts,” the World Bank said in a press release on Thursday, referring to the UN climate change summit in Paris.

The Climate Change Action Plan “lays out concrete actions to help countries deliver on their NDCs,” or Nationally Determined Contributions, “and sets ambitious targets for 2020 in high-impact areas, including clean energy, green transport, climate-smart agriculture, and urban resilience, as well as in mobilizing the private sector to expand climate investments in developing countries.”

“Under the Plan, the World Bank plans to double its current contributions to global renewable energy capacity, aiming to add 30 gigawatts of capacity and to mobilize $25 billion in private financing for clean energy by 2020,” the World Bank stated.

“The Bank Group will also quadruple funding for climate-resilient transport, integrate climate into urban planning through the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities, and boost assistance for sustainable forest and fisheries management,” it stated.

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What a waste!

Instead of spending time planting trees these guys pass gas from both ends in air conditioned offices.


The World Bank is a UN institution.