Consumer Surveys Confirm That Cashless Society Is Gaining Ground

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The ‘people’ are always blamed for the demand to ditch cash in society, but it is the banking oligarchy that strategized it from the very beginning. Why? Because cash in the hands of citizens is uncontrollable, while digital currency is absolute control. Technocracy as an economic system requires absolute control over the monetary system.  TN Editor

More than a third of Europeans and Americans would be happy to go without cash and rely on electronic forms of payment if they could, and at least 20 percent already pretty much do so, a study showed on Wednesday.

The study, which was conducted in 13 European countries, the United States and Australia, also found that in many places where cash is most used, people are among the keenest to ditch it.

Overall, 34 percent of respondents in Europe and 38 percent in the United States said they would be willing to go cash-free, according to the survey conducted by Ipsos for the ING bank website eZonomics.

Twenty-one percent and 34 percent in Europe and the United States, respectively, said they already rarely use cash.

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The trend was also clear. More than half of the European respondents said they had used less cash in the past 12 months than previously and 78 percent said they expected to use it even less over the coming 12 months.

Ian Bright, managing director of group research for ING wholesale banking, said he did not believe people would quit cash entirely, but the direction was obvious.

“More and more people will end up with a situation where they can quite comfortably get by for two days, three days, four days, even a week, without ever using cash,” he told Reuters Television.

Payment systems such as contactless cards and mobile-phone digital wallets have become so prevalent the issue has become political in some countries.

Cash-loving Germans, for example, have been concerned that a move by the European Central Bank to phase out the 500 euro note by the end of next year is the start of a slippery slope.

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Walter Eagles

One Question… If the USA is forced into a cashless society what are the effects on the Stock Market? Are Brokers of any use after that. Also what or how is a person paid for work performed? If I’m a blue collar worker and friday comes around how do I put the pay in the bank?

There is a million questions with no answers forthcoming so far. Where do I go to find out how this will affect my future?

Control seems to be behind all this for sure.


The Federal Reserve is talking about not having the US mint put out pennies. That means the retailers will have to round up to the next nickle or you use your card. Then they got you by the mivonks, total cash less.

John Dunlap

Based on my personal experience, I suspect we’ve already lost this fight. The whole point of cash is economic freedom, which requires privacy in the transaction. I’ve been forced by personal circumstances to shop more and more online, and retailers closing physical locations and moving their business online is also an accelerating trend. When I consider these economic forces alongside the collection of smartphone metadata, the trend toward facial recognition technology even inside private businesses, and the renewed retailer interest in RFID inventory solutions, I have to conclude that the transactional privacy afforded by cash is rapidly disappearing.


I think it will happen by decree similar to what happened in India. Unless people wise up & educate the young; who not only worship technology but seem to abhor free speech, and our politicians NOW, there will be no push back & we are doomed to slavery. In Mississippi they made a law that you could not run a yard sale with cash only CC[illegal]; the reason being that the state /fed wants it’s cut even on goods that have already had a sales tax paid on them the first time around. Even the young should understand that they… Read more »

Erik Nielsen

Well, the problem is the young dont know what privacy is. They dont know what correct gramma and universal basic knowledge are either.

They have been schooled by ideological subversion and have only a childs knowledge about how life is, should and could be.

If you only have a black and white vision, why should you care or be concerned about what you are cannot see?