EU Technocrats Want You To Log Into Social Media With Gove-Issued ID Cards

Reuters/Creative Commons
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TN Note: European Technocrats are blatant and blunt about their goals now, and U.S. counterparts will be emboldened by their initiatives. Remember that “Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population…” (The Technocrat, 1938) The time to reject all of it is now!

The European Commission plans to attack citizens’ right to online privacy, insisting that state-issued ID cards should be used to log into platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and even Uber.

The Vice President for the Digital Single Market on the European Commission, former Communist Andrus Ansip, is behind the next European Union (EU) raid on personal freedoms, promoting the idea of using national ID cards to log in to online services.

Leaked documents from within the European Commission revealed a call for the roll out of a more extensive use of national ID cards across the EU. The documents have since been uploaded to the Commission’s own website.

Mr. Ansip is from Estonia, a small Baltic country and former Communist state which has the most highly-developed national ID card system in the world. The Estonian state website boasts: “Much more than simply a legal picture ID, the mandatory national card serves as the digital access card for all of Estonia’s secure e-services.”

The paper outlines that: “In particular, online platforms need to accept credentials issued or recognised by national public authorities, such as electronic ID cards, citizens cards, bank cards or mobile IDs… for every consumer to have a multitude of username and password combinations is not only inconvenient but becomes a security risk.”

This draft document entitled ‘Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market’ is dated 25 May this year, and urges the log in policy on the basis that fake user reviews are misleading European consumers. The document states: “Online ratings and reviews of goods and services are helpful and empowering to consumers, but they need to be trustworthy and free from any bias or manipulation. A prominent example is fake reviews, where loss of trust can undermine the business model of the platform itself, but also lead to a wider loss of trust, as expressed in many responses to the public consultation

Breitbart London has previously reported on how the European Union plans to roll out a continent-wide ID card, with a view to using the data to impose Europe-wide taxes, and an EU-wide minimum wage, further bypassing elected national parliaments and handing more power to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

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john Smith

So let the EU do a government internet card, let yhe Russians and Chinese assign them to their citizens. The good old US of A has its own Constitution and bill of rights that exists no where else on the planet earth.

Our American national right to freedom and Liberty, as far as I know, still exists today and nobody ever said anything otherwise.

So dont worry about what they do, they are not us!!!


You fool. The USA has initiated all this. What is being tried in the EU will be here soon “because it worked for them”: yes we are NOT THEM!!! but the REAL threat remains how the NUMBER is being systematically applied to all of us without which “no one can buy or sell” anything. My wife & I have lived without using the SSN for any reason since 1986. What the article is really saying is, “If you don’t cooperate with the NWO, you won’t eat.” There is real danger here for lots of people. And here is another form.… Read more »