Public v. Big Pharma: Trust In Vaccine Safety Is Eroding

Mandatory VaccinationsImage courtesy of NationalBlaze
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Blatant propaganda from vaccine manufacturers is wearing thin with the public, especially in more educated areas. In America, 28 percent now question safety and effectiveness of childhood vaccines. However, thanks to Big Pharma’s massive lobby influence in Washington, DC, vaccines are politically mandated whether you like them or not. ⁃ TN Editor

Trust in vaccines – one of the world’s most effective and widely-used medical products – is highest in poorer countries but weaker in wealthier ones where scepticism has allowed outbreaks of diseases such as measles to persist, a global study found on Wednesday.

France has the least confidence of any country in the world in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, with a third believing that vaccines are unsafe, according to the study.

While most parents do choose to vaccinate their children, varying levels of confidence expose vulnerabilities in some countries to potential disease outbreaks, the study’s authors said, recommending that scientists need to ensure people have access to robust information from those they trust.

Public health experts and the World Health Organization (WHO) say vaccines save up to 3 million lives every year worldwide, and decades of research evidence consistently shows they are safe and effective.

But to achieve “herd immunity” to protect whole populations, immunisation coverage rates must generally be above 90% or 95%, and vaccine mistrust can quickly reduce that protection.

“Over the last century, vaccines have made many devastating infectious diseases a distant memory,” said Charlie Weller, head of vaccines at the Wellcome Trust health charity, which co-led the Wellcome Global Monitor study.

“It is reassuring that almost all parents worldwide are vaccinating their children. However, there are pockets of lower confidence in vaccines across the world.”

The spread of measles, including in major outbreaks in the United States, the Philippines and Ukraine, is just one of the health risks linked to lower confidence in vaccines.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, false rumours about polio vaccines being part of a Western plot have in recent years hampered global efforts to wipe out the crippling disease.

The study, led by Wellcome and polling company Gallup, covered 140,000 people from more than 140 countries.

It found 6% of parents worldwide – equivalent to 188 million – say their children are unvaccinated. The highest totals were in China at 9%, Austria at 8% and Japan at 7%.

Seth Berkley, chief executive of the not-for-profit GAVI vaccine alliance, said the report showed a “worrying number of people” questioning vaccine safety. But by focusing on the “vocal minority” who refused to vaccinate, it was easy to forget that the vast majority trusted vaccines and the science that underpinned them.

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Patricia P Tursi

Dr Stephanie Seneff is a chief researcher for MIT.She reveals that glyphosate is found in vaccines, but the highest amount is found in MMR vaccine which is forced upon families under threat of fines & jail. Glyphosate is a known carcinogen. There is only one explanation they want children sick. Two billion was paid to one couple who sprayed Roundup & developed non Hodgkin Lymphoma, the most prevalent cancer associated with Glyphosate. The US has the worst health record among industrialized nations It’s profits, profits, profits

Matthew 24

Focusing on just vaccines? Consider the drugs the school officials demand your kids be on because they are told they are depressed or have attention deficit disorder. Parents need to take responsibility for what they allowed be done to their children now you can’t stop it. They have also forced Yoga on your children, do you know about Yoga? We have been come at on many fronts, as soon as we battle one, there are 100’s of more coming at us we don’t even know about yet, and none has been won. As one Democrat said, you kids don’t belong… Read more »

Frankly Speaking

Vice president of British Children’s Cancer Hospital says “chief reason for increase in cancers is vaccinations.” Why? There are many viruses found in vaccines. They came from the sources used to create the vaccines, other animals. Many of them can cause cancers. In any case, it was the plumbers, indoor plumbing, and the retiring of outhouses that caused these diseases to diminish, not vaccines or doctors. Proof is scarlet fever for which there is still no vaccine, yet it vanished at roughly same time as other diseases. And all the vaccines they did create came too late, since those diseases… Read more »

Sam Fox

Those I know who oppose vaccines take that stance because of additives in todays vaccines. We are not against vaccination, we just don’t want extra crap in our bodies that will do us harm.


Sam Fox

Since the vaccination era with no liability for vaccine makers the number of doses of vaccines children receive has increased by 4 times In that period autism has increased from 1 in 10,000 kids to 1 in 50. According to one expert extrapolating the growth shows that by 2032 one in two children born would have autism. The push to eliminate unvaccinated kids is to remove the possibility of scientists being able to do a controlled study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, something that has not yet been done due to government and Big Pharma controlling the funding and journals… Read more »