Smart Regions Bypass Elected Officials To Implement Regional Governance

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A new and purely Technocrat invention to impose unelected regionalism will soon sweep the nation. Phoenix is the pilot and model, with over 30 cities and 4.7 million  citizens. Three non-governmental organizations are simply rising up to dominate the entire region to set policies and implementation plans relating to Smart City technology. There is no public mandate or authority for these actions. You heard this first on Technocracy.News! ⁃ TN Editor

The public-private partnership includes the Arizona State University (ASU) Center for Smart Cities and Regions (CSCR) [a university, no public agency status whatsoever], the Arizona Institute for Digital Progress (IDP) [private, not government] and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. [not government, a Public-Private Partnership]

The Greater Phoenix Smart Region Initiative, a new public-private nonprofit partnership created to grow smart city projects, is taking hold in the Phoenix metro region.

The coalition includes the Arizona State University (ASU) Center for Smart Cities and Regions (CSCR), the Arizona Institute for Digital Progress (IDP) and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

ASU will serve as the research and testbed role for the Phoenix Smart Region Initiative, harnessing the university’s considerable intellectual talent, particularly via the ASU CSCR. ASU and IDP will craft a “smart cities digital road map, which should be complete by the end of October. The collaboration brings the work of ASU out into the larger region and strengthens relationships among policymakers [not elected representatives], entrepreneurs and others dedicated to growing innovation in the region.

Funding will come from public, city and industry membership, as well as funding from the university. IDP and ASU will largely manage the civic and public engagement, while the Greater Phoenix Economic Council will focus on industry engagement.

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