Welcome Back, Dear Customer: ‘No Mask, No Service’

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Businesses that survived the lockdown are dramatically increasing their odds of failure during reopening by refusing to serve customers who do not wear masks. Customers who refuse face masks must decide to take their money elsewhere. ⁃ TN Editor

“No mask, No service” signs are popping up at all kinds of businesses as the country begins to slowly reopen after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown that began in March.

Some retail chains, like Costco Wholesale, have already started to require masks for all customers and employees.

The move follows a flood of videos on social media showing shoppers who refuse to wear face masks being confronted by store employees (and other shoppers, in some cases) who explain that customers are required to wear masks.

But can store owners legally enforce that policy? The short answer is yes, as long as they don’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of “protected classes” such as gender, race, age, disability, national origin and religion.

“All businesses have the right to refuse service so long as it is not violating one of those protected classes,” Robert Mascari, chief assistant district attorney in Madison County, New York, told Syracuse.com. “You can’t refuse to serve me because I’m half Italian and half Irish. You can refuse to serve me if I’m being an idiot.”

Constitutional law and First Amendment rights lawyers say face masks requirements are similar to “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policies or when businesses have a cash-only policy or make sales final.

If you don’t agree with a requirement or a rule that a private business has, they say the only right you have is to make the decision not to shop there.

If a customer gets angry and refuses to put on a mask, the retailer should try to avoid a confrontation and call the police instead, Ted Potrikus, executive director of the Retail Council of New York State, said.

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This is not true!! They CANNOT (legally) refuse service!!

Patrick Wood

It’s true that it is happening, but it is illegal to do so.


It used to be, when America was a free republic, that businesses had the absolute right to refuse service to anyone they wanted. Now that Amerika is a totalitarian democracy, the customers have the right to break in and take whatever they want and torch the building before they leave.


YouTube channel Healthy American is covering mask wearing in a masterful way. Everyone should check it out. She has a wealth of resources

Leanna Reece

This is stomping on ADA law. Just look at the reviews for various Menards now- they’re filled with complaints about being required to buy a mask to enter the store. Can’t wear a mask because of medical issues? Tough cookies, guess you’ll have to wear the mask anyways and risk asphyxiation. Hypoxia? Too bad, so sad, according to store managers…


If you have asthma as I do, you can get a note from your doctor advising that it is unwise to wear a mask, and sue the store managers.


I wonder if this sudden about face on mask wearing is just another test to see how easily the people will roll over. Clearly we’re failing miserably depending on which side you’re looking from.


The fact that Dr. Fauci isn’t still in jail for the fraud that he committed regarding HIV and AIDS is better proof that we haven’t learned a thing.


I’d gladly take my business elsewhere, but that’s because I can. People with no transportation who have one grocery store within walking distance that requires a mask are screwed. They have to wear a mask or they get no food. What about people with asthma? COPD? Claustrophobia? When does the ADA kick in? Will I have to sue the company that won’t let my asthmatic daughter into their store maskless? I hope these businesses that demand masks realize what problems they could have if they insist on certain people wearing masks. If not, they’ll find out.


Healthy American YouTube channel for information about how not to wear the mask- it’s got excellent resources!


If there are enough businesses that would let me shop without a mask, I would happily boycott the ones the do require it. Perhaps that is what is needed: mass boycotting of stores requiring masks and all business going to those that don’t.

Steven S

Patrick posted an article a few weeks back talking about the health problems associated with wearing masks, and it included a graphic in which the wearer can opt out of wearing a mask because of health reasons. It states that health privacy laws do not require me stating what my health issue is. I’ve been using this badge at Costco for the past three weeks and they just wave me on through, unencumbered. Push back is not that difficult, but you have to actually push back!

Patrick Wood

Steven – If you sign up at CitizensForFreeSpeech.org as a new member, you can get a free face mask card.

Nunya Bizness

Are you in New Jersey? I have a health issue that prevents me from wearing a mask, but I really don’t want to have to explain it or discuss it at the store every time. I wonder if this would work in my state. What is the graphic that you mentioned?

Patrick Wood

Head over to CitizensForFreeSpeech.org and get a free card mailed to you…

Nunya Bizness

So a business owner — like, say a baker or a florist — can refuse service because I don’t wear a cloth on my face, but that same business owner could not refuse to make a gay wedding cake or do floral arrangements for a gay wedding? Hmm.


Well said everyone. The UK is now imposing the wearing of masks on public transport with a hefty fine if you dont comply. The thin end of the wedge. The next one will be – no vaccination passport then cant travel. What can we do about this fascism by stealth? Remember -We are many they are few