WEF Warns: Women To Be The Biggest Losers In Upcoming Robot Revolution

Nadine, the world most human-like robot
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TN Note: Women stand to lose the most jobs in the robot revolution because they currently occupy so many positions of a clerical or repetitive work nature. Adding to the injury is the fact that a large percentage of the most needy women are single moms who are barely making it as it is. Technocrats will not take this into account because robots work for nothing, don’t complain or go on strike, and are easy to replace with better models whenever they are released. 

More than 7m jobs are at risk in the world’s largest economies over the next five years as technological advances in fields such as robotics and 3D printing transform the world of work.

According to a report into the impact of the so-called ”fourth industrial revolution”, women will lose out in the workplace as they are less likely to be working in areas where the adoption of new technology will create jobs.

The report is published by the World Economic Forum ahead of its annual meeting in Davos, which starts on Tuesday and where one of the major themes is the “fourth industrial revolution”.

The greatest loss of jobs will be white collar and administrative roles, though the WEF survey predicts this will partially be offset by the creation of roles in areas such as computing, maths, architecture and engineering.

Healthcare is expected to suffer the highest number of job losses in the next five years, followed jointly by energy and financial services. The industry expected to create the most jobs is information and communication technology, followed by professional services, and media, entertainment and information professions.

The report argued that because women are less likely to be employed in the areas where jobs will be created, they will lose out. It said: “The burden of job losses seems to fall equally on women (48%) and men (52%). However, given that men represent a larger share of the overall job market than women, this even spread translates into a widening of the employment gender gap, with women losing five jobs for every job gained compared with men losing three jobs for every job gained.

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Richard Renfrow
Richard Renfrow

I would like to see far fewer women in the workforce, and far more women being homemakers, and supporters of their husbands and children.