Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing

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Breathing in is free. Breathing out will cost you because you emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Humans are carbon-based entities that exist because of the carbon lifecycle of nature. Basically, the global Technocrat scammers want to penalize you for living. You can easily see the population reduction agenda at work. āƒ TN Editor

In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church convinced the commoners to buy indulgences to alleviate their sins. And they made a fortune in the process.

Similarly, today, our overlordsā€”the mainstream media, central bankers, and their political alliesā€”are working overtime to convince the commoners to pay for their alleged climate sins.

Enter carbon credits, government-issued permits that grant you the privilege to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide.

Although advocates promote them as a way to ā€œsave the environment,ā€ in reality, carbon credits are nothing more than a devious mechanism to tax, regulate, and control you.

Itā€™s not a coincidence that the most philosophically and ethically bent people are promoting them.

For example, at a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, participants revealed and touted an ā€œindividual carbon footprint tracker.ā€ It will track where people travel, how they travel, what they eat, and what they consume.

Carbon accounting is already creeping into many places, like Google Flights.

A federal carbon tax is already a reality in Trudeauā€™s Canada, and itā€™s causing the price of food and other goods and services to soar. But Canadians havenā€™t seen anything yetā€”the federal carbon tax will triple by 2030.

In short, thereā€™s a growing push to implement the carbon credit scam worldwide. And thatā€™s not a coincidence.

Remember, central banks only exist to harvest wealth from the populace through inflation and redirect it to the politically connected, an insidious practice known as seigniorage.

Fiat currency is the usual mechanism central banks use to perpetuate this fraud. They get most people to run on a hamster wheel most of their lives chasing after confetti money they create with no effort.

However, there is a limit to this process.

For example, the governments in Venezuela and Zimbabwe have debased their currencies to such an extent that they are worthless. They have squeezed as much wealth out of their populations through seigniorage as possible.

Governments in the US, Canada, the EU, and others still benefit from seigniorage, but they sense they are not getting as much juice from the squeeze as they used to. Price increases are hitting multi-decade highs, and the US dollar, the euro, and other fiat currencies are quickly losing their luster.

In other words, central banks are debasing fiat currencies to the point where they can no longer extract as much seigniorage as they used to. That presents bankrupt Western governments with a big financial problem and is why they need to find a new way to harvest wealth from their citizens.

Thatā€™s where carbon credits come in. Theyā€™re the new mechanism of seigniorage designed to transfer wealth from you to the politically connected.

The idea is to get people to run on the hamster wheel chasing carbon credits, an artificial construct governments create with no effort.

Think of it like thisā€¦

Imagine if Tony Soprano forced everyone in his neighborhood to buy ā€œbreathing creditsā€ from him, which grant you the privilege to breathe a certain amount of air. And that, naturally, it would cost Tony Soprano nothing to create as many of these ā€œbreathing creditsā€ as he wanted. He could also hand them out to his friends and others who did favors for him, creating a corrupt patronage system.

This is basically what governments plan to do with carbon credits. Except they are also gaslighting you by telling you they are helping save the planet. Without that patina of propagandaā€”which the media, academia, and the rest of the establishment reinforceā€”thereā€™s a good chance the people would revolt.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Are Americans as stupid as Canadians? Not sure. So far we have resisted national healthcare but willingly accepted democrat run states locking them down and forcing masks on them. It’s A crap shoot. Could go either way.

[…] Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing […]

[…] Read More:Ā Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing […]

[…] Read More:Ā Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing […]

[…] Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing […]


not a good thing to twist and accuse the Catholic Church Patrick.


Luther played that one up bigtime but selling indulgences is opposed to everything the Catholic church has taught. One could never pay for their sins to be forgiven since confession is necessary for the cleansing of your soul. The Church did allow people to offer alms supporting the Church and the poor, which is a good Biblical practice. Jesus connects almsgiving with the power of cleansing from sin. Luke 11:41 Alms giving helps with remediation of the effects of sin along with other sacrifices etc.

Thanks though for clarifying the author. I do enjoy your site.

Dan Gilfry

Let the NAZIS sniff your “Carbon Footprint” until they faint!

[…] Source Technocracy News Jan […]


As I’ve said, the operative word here is–the Catholic Church convinced the commoners 


The carbon credit idea would die a quick, natural death if the credit score was averaged retrospectively over the last 20 years of adult life. That is, tally up what any one person has spent on their lifestyle over the last 20 years and average it out to a yearly amount.
The Davo hypocritters would morph into stay-at-home useless eaters for the next 100 years if the credit scam went ahead.

[…] Carbon Credit Scam: Pay Indulgences For Sin Of Breathing […]