Full Text of Paris COP21 Climate Change Agreement

This is the final, official and complete text of the Paris Climate Change Summit (COP21).

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Lawfully, if it is not in Pursuance thereof the Constitution of the United States of America it is NOT binding on the USA. What it does reveal is those who are Traitors to the American people, and that tells us our next step is to charge, arrest by the constitutionally required Militia, and the People’s *Grand Jury investigation then Grand Jury Trial by the people. Any force used by those that “just follow orders” or “just do their jobs” are *Terrorism and Treason against the American people. *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force… Read more »
Yeah Cal, the US is not bound to the UN by law for anything! The UN would LIKE us to be, however- I think that’s what the whole thing trying to pass a new law about climate stuff was attempting TO do- and I remember Senator Jeff Sessions stating on CSpan he does not think the American people would enjoy paying taxes for China’s and India’s pollution, and that he also does NOT believe that CO2 is a “pollutant” anyway, he said and I quote “isn’t CO2 what plants use..? Isn’t that right?” One More Thing- Dear Patrick Wood, I… Read more »
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