How To Stop The World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’

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The “collectivist tyrants” pushing the Great Reset should be understood as Technocrats pushing Technocracy. The Populist movement is the only natural enemy of Technocracy, but this movement has largely abandoned personal responsibility as the solution while looking to figureheads instead. ⁃ TN Editor

There are many millions of Americans today in the post-election environment that feel uneasy about the fate of the country given the rise of a Biden presidency. And though I understand why this tension exists, I want to offer a possible “silver lining”; a different way of looking at the situation:

With Biden in the White House, there is no longer any ambiguity about what conservatives (and some of the more courageous moderates) need to do and need to accomplish. Now we know where we stand, and now the stakes are clear.

With Trump in office, a lot of liberty minded people became a little too comfortable, to the point that they were inactive. They actually believed the system could be repaired and corruption ended from within, and without much effort on our part beyond our votes. Trump made many conservatives lazy.

Then there was the Q-anon-sense floating around on the web which also misled some freedom activists into thinking that people much higher placed or “smarter” than us were fighting the good fight behind the scenes and that the globalists would be swept up in a grand 4D chess maneuver. This was a fantasy; it was never going to happen. Finally, everyone knows this and we can get on with the business of fighting the real battles ahead.

I think we are reaching a stage in the conflict between freedom advocates and collectivist tyrants when many illusions are going to melt away, and all we will be left with is cold hard reality. Now is the time when we find out who is going to stand their ground and fight for what they believe in, and who is going to cower and submit just to save their own skin. Now is the time when we find out who has balls.

The last four years plus the election of 2020 have revealed that political solutions are out the window. A lot of conservatives should have known better, but maybe it takes a perceived disaster to shock some people out of their waking dreams. Elections, voting, potential third parties; it’s all Kabuki theater. It’s all a facade to keep us docile and under control.

The liberty movement cannot revolve around a single political figure. We cannot bottleneck our efforts into the hands of one man or one political party. The fight is up to us – each of us as individuals. It was ALWAYS up to us.

A different form of organization needs to happen if Americans are going to protect our freedoms; a grassroots approach from the ground up rather than the top down. There will of course be people who stand out as teachers and pioneers, those that lead by example. But overall, the movement will not be acting on orders from on high. Rather, it will be acting according to self motivation. The liberty movement is not driven by personalities, but by shared principles which take on a life of their own.

I’m not worried about Biden. In fact, his presence may be the best thing to happen to conservative unity in well over a decade. The only thing I worry about, as noted, is who is going to stand their ground, and who is going to give in?

Biden may also be a wake up call for any moderate democrats out there who thought that by voting for a hair-sniffing corporate puppet they might put an end to the division and civil unrest in the nation. I think they will discover that Joe will attract even MORE civil unrest. He might trigger more looting and rioting by Antifa and BLM than Trump did, by the simple fact these insane people will assume that Biden will be malleable and easier to exploit.

Biden himself is not all that important; he is nothing more than a foil for bigger events and a proxy for more nefarious people. His presence signals that the “Great Reset” agenda is fully greenlit. This agenda has a pretty obvious set of goals, many of them openly admitted to by the World Economic Forum, and some of them strongly implied by the extreme political left and the media. They include:

1) Perpetual pandemic lockdowns and economic controls until the population submits to medical tyranny.

2) Medical passports and contact tracing as a part of everyday life.

3) The censorship and de-platforming of all voices that oppose the agenda.

4) Greatly reduced economic activity in the name of stopping “climate change”.

5) Greatly increased poverty and the loss of private property.

6) The introduction of “Universal Basic Income” in which the government becomes the all-powerful welfare provider and nursemaid for a generation of dependent and desperate people.

7) A cashless society and digital currency system where privacy in trade is completely erased.

8) The creation of a “shared economy” in which no one will own anything and independent production is outlawed.

9) The deletion of national borders and the end of sovereignty and self-determination.

10) The centralization of global political power into the hands of a select few elitists.

Now, you would think that most sensible people would be opposed to such a dystopian agenda. It would inevitably lead to mass death in economic terms, as well as war. Unless you are a psychopath that gets a vicarious thrill from the brutal oppression of millions of people, or you are a globalist that stands to gain immense power, there is nothing about the Reset that benefits you.

That said, there will still be millions of useful idiots that support totalitarian policies, and they will act to enforce them. Some of them will be convinced that they are serving the “greater good”, and others will think that they can “earn a place at the table” if they lick the boots of tyrants long enough. Bottom line? It’s not just the globalists we need to worry about, it is also the contingent of zombies they have duped or bribed into serving the Reset.

The information war is about to take a backseat and a new fight is about to begin. But how will it start?

I believe the first test for conservatives will be Biden’s pandemic response. The Reset agenda and the pandemic are closely intertwined. Do not be misled by calls from Democrats to reopen the economy; there are strings attached.

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the state needed to reopen, or there would be “nothing left”, he also consistently hinted that vaccination numbers needed to improve. There are two big lies involved in this narrative – The first is that the vaccination rollout has failed on a technical level.

They want us to believe that only around 60% of the first 2 million vaccine doses have been administered because the state and hospitals failed to get them to citizens fast enough. The truth is, as we’ve seen in numerous polls of Americans and medical staff, millions of people DO NOT WANT to take the vaccine. The situation in New York must be shocking to establishment elites; it’s one of the most leftists states in the US and yet they can’t seem to trick enough people into taking the shot.

The same is true across the country, and it’s not because of bureaucratic failure, it is a propaganda failure.

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About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Much of mankind awaits the striking of “Big Q” which will reset the Great Reset.



Sharon W.

To equate “Q” and “Q-anon as one in the same is just playing into the hand of the enemies to liberty. You know the saying, “Repeat a lie often enough”. Several different psyops going on with different motives and to continue to “merge” those terms has the potential to bring harm to harmless people. Despite all the chaos, if there was one major enlightenment I gained from all these events is that outside of a handful of genuine and sincere people wanting to do what is good and right for America or around the world, most are nothing but Cretans… Read more »

Christian Furin

My local NBC newscast repeats the same thing night after night about how people are begging to get the Vaccine. There are just not enough doses to meet the demand and people are angry. TOTAL BS.
I have decided this is the line in the sand for me. No exceptions. If they come to take me away to a reeducation or Covid-19 camp I will likely pay the ultimate price, but I can promise I will return the favor to a few of the enforcers.


I love the article but regarding Q-anons they are still trusting the plan and that Trump will still comeback. Unfortunately

Erik Nielsen

Good article.
“I dont understand why someone or somebody havent done something about it yet. I thought Trump would do it. I were waiting for a David or the One who came and did it. David or the One can beat Goliath with one stone and the One can beat the beast with his mind……………..LOL”.
We cant do anything about it here other than leaving the common burden of ours to one man.

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Tommy Jensen

This one here is from 22.09.2022.


[…] system: technocracy aka global totalitarianism hidden under codenames like “agenda 21, 2030, great reset, sustainable goals, green new deal” and other ‘build back better‘ bullshit […]


Why wont the governments where the WEF is located investigate in full this corporation?


Because they all work for the world economic forum. The psychopath Klaus Schwab has publicly bragged about having people working under him in every government world wide. He owns them all. They are all corrupt parasites that our sucking our loosh. They have openly declared war on innocent citizens, worldwide genocide. Covid and contagious diseases don’t exist. That is the real truth people need to look into on non censored sites like and duckduckgo, not government run Google which is heavily censored. The sheeples need to break free of their programming and learn to think for themselves or complete… Read more »


Yes Sir Satan is the god of this world, he operates primarily through secret occult societies and esoteric groups. All of the worlds top political, corporate, financial, and media leaders are members of such Satanic organizations (such as Skull and Bones and Freemasonry).

Tommy Jensen

“for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that lead to destruction, and many are they that enter in thereby. 14 For narrow is the gate, and straitened the way, that lead unto life, and few are they that find it.”


These vile evil monsters the scum of the galaxy, will not get their agenda for they are going to be wiped out, god will silence them once and for all, it is written that they will be written out of the book of life, deleted I would love to see this filth suffer great agony before they are destroyed. They are very ignorant stupid creatures their evil has been allowed to continue for far too long and it must stop.


Agreed, the whole mess is enough to make any one comprehending all this cry!!