Maryland Schools Ban Thousands Of Students Without Government-Mandated Vaccinations

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First California and now Maryland: The heavy hand of Technocrats risk education over profit-guzzling policies of Big Pharma. This battle will heat up to fever-pitch before it is resolved.  TN Editor

Maryland schools plan to ban thousands of students from attending class over new mandatory vaccine requirements.

Maryland students are required to receive vaccinations for chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, and meningitis and parents are required to provide proof within 20 calendar days from the start of school, but thousands of students across the state are out of compliance, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Next week, students without the proper immunizations will be banned from class until their parents provide proof they received the shots.

“… Baltimore County barred hundreds of children from school this week after failing to meet a Tuesday deadline for required vaccinations,” according to the news site.

For Baltimore City schools, the number of students who could miss out on class next week is in the thousands, as 3,800 were without the required vaccinations Wednesday.

The new requirements apply to students in kindergarten, first, second, and seventh through ninth grades based on a schedule of immunizations with different required vaccines for different grades.

Younger students are required to receive two doses of Varicella, to protect against chicken pox, while older students also need immunizations for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis known as Tdap, as well as a dose of Meningococcal vaccine to guard against meningitis, according to the Sun.

“I cannot stress too strongly how important this is,” Baltimore city schools CEO Sonja Santelises told school board members this week.

The Sun took a tally of the number of students out of compliance in numerous districts, which included about 600 students in Baltimore County, about 89 students in Anne Arundel County, and fewer than 40 in Carroll County. Two other school districts were unsure how many students have not received the mandated immunizations.

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Tom Collins

This is Big Brother stuff. Reminds me of the Nazis tattooing the Jews.
The human body is sacred and should not be the domain of The State!. Rebel against it – forcefully.


Being blocked from posting on Google+


They should be happy that their kids are no longer force fed the technocratic and trans humanistic propaganda and can instead elaborate their skills at home!!