More Rumblings About Global Energy Currency

TN Note: Admittedly, this article is poorly written and hard to follow. Still, almost every month there is some similar story about a global energy currency. For instance, The 40 Foundation in Austria produced a major white-paper  called Energising Money: An introduction to energy currencies and accounting. It states, “Energy-related money offers a means of improving the qualities of the monetary system, while also stimulating the low-carbon energy transition we urgently need.”  When Technocracy was originally modeled in 1932-1934, a key component was a system of energy credits that would regulate the energy-based economic system – exactly what we see proposed today.

Cutting–edge technology has gone into creating pioneering EekcaWatt® energy currency, which translates into the ‘most dependable currency’ online. EekcaWatt® banking accounts can be used for just about everything, including ticket booking using the company’s prepaid magnetic-strip cards. This innovative and soon-to-be global cashless concept is nothing short of revolutionary and can conveniently be topped-up or used like any other cash card or online via computers, smart phones and/or iPads.

International online banking will never be the same again as the company expands its products internationally after conducting strenuous product development and prototype testing on a diverse number of prepaid cards for EekcaWatt® Bank that include Gas Cash Cards (where users can deposit $100 in their account and receive $1/gallon back on their petrol purchases at the pumps). EekcaWatt® energy currency also comes in a number of pioneering products including state-of-the art sports (world basketball, golf, soccer, cricket, tennis and trader), phone, concert, health, hotels, grocery, media streaming, entertainment and artist gift cards and that’s just the start of the commercial uses.

With the avant-garde EekcaWatt® Bank, customers not only are able to deposit money, but also can transfer funds, pay utilities bills and even convert currency. For example, with the EekcaWatt® unique payments system users are able to provide their utility account number with their current electricity bill and EekcaWatt® Bank is now able to provide an EekcaWatt® Metric Card where one can easily make payments to their electricity company towards your account, which in turn will pay in advance for a fixed number of kilowatt-hours of electricity on demand so no-one will needlessly be in the dark again.
It’s common knowledge that almost every major government and financial institution in the world now holds significant quantities of US dollars as part of their foreign exchange reserves. This dominating reserve currency status also means that every major commodity – including crude oil, gold, wheat, cattle, orange juice, coffee, sugar, etc – is priced and traded in US dollars. Such a situation helps to create a constant demand for American currency as traders must hold US dollars, for now, to access commodities. The company’s goal is to commercialize through secondary markets so that a great majority of people in the world can redeem EekcaWatt® Metric pre-paid currency in their home country as an international medium of exchange.

Then, there’s the ingenious EekcaTV® Channel with its re-engineered digital content syndication and film. The channel is able to provide video content by streaming on the internet so enabling prospective hotel-room visitors and participating cable homes the ability to view infomercials and product playlists showcasing the locations, sounds, tastes and joys of the global tourist markets, through video-on-demand technology with the use of its proprietary EekcaWatt® Card/M-Phone Systems and VOD/Bundle/Subscription/Free/Video content for pre-pay subscribers.

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