‘Reflectable’ Glasses Thwart Camera Surveillance

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Necessity is the mother of invention, and a creative inventor has found a way to completely thwart iris scanning by CCTV cameras during low-light conditions. Expect other ‘resistance’ items to appear in the future.  TN Editor

An innovative design for glasses that reflect both visible and infrared light will help budding criminals to dodge CCTV cameras. Scott Urban, 35, has developed retro-style glasses that keep people’s face hidden from cameras.

Two designs, Reflectacles Ghost and Originals, bounce light back from where it comes from causing their faces to appear blurred in images.

Mr Urban says he created the design for people who are “just completely fed up with the massive surveillance state”.

He claims the products are made from micro-prismatic retro-reflective materials.

Mr Urban said: “If the material were to be viewed under a microscope, one would see many very small cube-like prisms that bounce light along each edge of the prism surface and then bounce it right back in the direction the light originated from.

“The material for Reflectacles Ghost works on the same concept, but is even more intensified by having micro-corner-cubes incorporated into the material.

“This material is the most reflective material that currently exists and it is used in laboratory situations or for signal/controller applications.


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Doug Miller
Doug Miller

Cool… I’d buy some, but it looks as though they are still in development and not in production, nor in distribution. I’d buy them, if…

Please advise with further information.

Debra Allen
Debra Allen


Mr. Anomilus
Mr. Anomilus

Now, they need to find a way to make contact lenses that work the same way.