Robots May Force The Future Of Money With Universal Income

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TN Note: I have been writing about Energy Currency for years because it was a hard requirement for historic Technocracy from the 1930s. Many people are openly talking about Energy Currency in recent years, so it is not a dead topic by any means. With robots promising to eliminate millions of human jobs by 2030, the idea of Universal Income is suddenly supercharged. In a Sustainable Development world, the only logical choice for such a ‘free’ income will be energy. Such ‘energy credits’ will likely expire at the end of a month with no roll-over into the next period. Watch for this to develop.

Special Note: Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, is an official attendee of the 2017 Bilderberg meeting convening between June 9-12 in Dresden, Germany. Undoubtedly, his research mentioned in this article will be discussed at that meeting.

Universal basic income—the proposal that everyone be paid a flat wage by the government, regardless of their economic status—is getting lots of attention these days thanks to the looming threat of mass job losses to automation. This week, start-up incubator Y Combinator announced plans for a pilot program, in which it’ll give basic income to a test set of people in Oakland to see how it goes. Also this week a small collective in San Francisco raffled a one-year basic income package of $1,250 per month to a single winner, a man in Florida.

With Silicon Valley at the forefront of developing the automated technologies poised to take a chunk out of the workforce, it’s not surprising that it’s the first place in the U.S. doing basic income trials. Though the ultimate plan would be to have governments doling out basic incomes, these trial programs are being run by private groups who hope to prove the feasibility of free money for no work.

Y Combinator’s Matt Krisiloff is managing the basic income project with a team of researchers and consultants from academia and finance. He explained in a phone interview that the idea came about as a result of OPEN AI, the billion-dollar research lab trying to create machine intelligence on par with that of human beings. In other words, the

“We’ve started to see that it might be possible that in the future there could really be less of a place for people to have traditional jobs,” Krisiloff said. “And if that’s the case, we need to create opportunities for people to have a safety net to be able to figure out other opportunities for themselves.”

Krisiloff said the existing version of basic income in the U.S.—the welfare system—”doesn’t work very well” and is “stigmatized.” “So it made sense for us to figure out new ways to expand the social safety net,” he said.

Krisiloff said the program will run for between six months and a year with a group of between 50 and 100 people, all living in Oakland and all receiving between $1,800-2,000 per month. Y Combinator is paying for it with money from its cash reserves.

“We wanted to come up with a number that we thought would be at a base level, affordable for people to live on in Oakland,” he explained. “It’s certainly not going to be luxurious living by any means, but comparable to people who might be working ends-meeting jobs right now.”

Krisiloff says the aim of the small study is to make the case for a larger, longer one that would run for five years. The people in the pilot will be able to do “anything they want” with the money. “It will be totally unconditional,” said Krisiloff. “People will be able to work or not work.”

Basic income crosses disparate political divides. It’s long been a dream of the Left to free people from both poverty and an alienating life of bullshit jobs by covering their basic needs and allowing them to pursue a quality of life they are otherwise denied. For the Right, the hope of dismantling welfare and minimizing government might likewise be realized by introducing a basic income to replace all other forms of government assistance (which for several reasons, might not be the best idea.) It is an argument at once economic, political and philosophical in nature, getting to the very heart of contemporary capitalism and the purpose of work as it has been debated for centuries.

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These go for~ $2900 to $3900 per month. For $2,000 per month you may afford a storage unit and cover basic living costs. Alternately there may be a crime ridden place to live. Who are these guys kidding? They obviously have a rather poor understanding of the actual cost of living in Agenda 21 /2030 land.

The experiment they should do is to try it themselves for a year using only $2,000 a month without credit cards and see if they survive.


So, the .01% pathocrat financial elite will control the world’s production with “proprietary technology,” with, as I think they see it, no obligation to support the quality of life of the masses of humanity who made the creation of the technology possible. Of course, though the elite planners care deeply about the well-being of Gaia-the-Earth-Mother, as evidenced by their concern to stop “Climate Change,” have they figured in the ecological costs of worldwide mass-production with their resource-dependent robots, which will be complex machines needing constant repair and replacement (see the tech boneyards in China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, etc.)? What could… Read more »


ah yes– next we move on to their plan for world population control and reduction” say to around 500 million… “how would they accomplish that” wonders the ghosts of tyrants past??


Interestingly, the first person to write about such a technocrats wet-dream, was THOMAS PAINE !!! The so called ‘libertarian’ who also wanted to destroy Christianity and take over the schooling system worldwide to institute ‘rationalism’ (forced State ideology) Once they get everyone reliant on a Basic Income via the Govt teat, the Private Sector can reduce their rates of pay for part-time and full-time ACTUAL work, making even those working for a living dependent on the Govt supplied portion. Then the Govt will impose PRECONDITIONS on recipients, such as Govt mandated 50+ vaccines for every husband, wife, and children, in… Read more »