Ron Paul: There Is No Vaccine For Tyranny

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Tyranny takes liberty over any excuse, but never, ever gives it back. Collectively and individually, government leaders have turned the the mechanisms of governance against the American people. Scientific dictatorship, aka Technocracy, is the authoritarianism we face today. ⁃ TN Editor

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently admitted that lockdowns cause more harm than good. Following this announcement, one would have expected American politicians to immediately end the lockdowns. After all, the WHO ‘s pronouncements are considered infallible, so much so that social media sites silence anyone who dares challenge the great and powerful WHO. Yet, governors, mayors, and other government officials across the country are ignoring the WHO’s anti-lockdown position.

Instead of admitting that the lockdowns were a mistake, many in the political class, which includes a disturbing number of medical professionals whose positions and prestige depend on government, claim that we cannot return to normalcy until a coronavirus vaccine is in wide use. This suggests that people among the majority of Americans who do not wish to be vaccinated will remain under lockdown or be forced to be vaccinated against their will.

The assault on our liberty will not end with deployment and use of a vaccine. Moncef Slaoui, the chief adviser of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, a “public-private partnership” in charge of producing and delivering a coronavirus vaccine, has said that those who receive a vaccine will be monitored by “incredibly precise … tracking systems.” Slaoui has also indicated that tech giants Google and Oracle will help the government keep tabs on the vaccinated individuals. So, the vaccine program will lead to an increase in government surveillance!

Slaoui is just the latest “expert” to endorse forcing the American people to relinquish their few remaining scraps of privacy to stop coronavirus. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have urged development of a digital certificate for those vaccinated for coronavirus. People without the certificate would find their liberty severely restricted.

Those who think that the new surveillance system will be limited to coronavirus should remember that Social Security numbers were only supposed to be used to administer the Social Security program. They should also consider that the PATRIOT Act’s expansion of warrantless wiretapping was supposed to be limited to stopping terrorists. However, these powers have been used for a wide variety of purposes. Whenever government is given power to abuse our rights for one reason it will inevitably use that power to abuse our rights for other reasons as well.

Fauci and Gates’ digital certificate could, and likely will, be expanded to include proof individuals have received a variety of other vaccines and medical treatments. The digital certificate could even extend to monitoring a person’s lifestyle choices on the grounds that unhealthy habits make one more susceptible to diseases.

The digital certificate could also be tied to the REAL ID program to deny individuals who have not been vaccinated the right to travel. It could also be combined with a future mandatory E-Verify system to deny unvaccinated individuals the right to hold a job. Those who consider this “paranoia” should consider Britain is already developing a covid passport.

Liberty lost in the “war on covid” will not be voluntarily returned when the coronavirus threat ends — assuming the government ever stop moving the goal posts and declares the coronavirus threat is over. Instead, the people must be prepared to take back their liberty from the politicians. Fortunately, we still have the ability to do so by the peaceful means of educating our fellow citizens and pressuring our elected officials to reverse course. We must all do what we can to use these peaceful tools before we are in a “dark winter” of authoritarianism.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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just sayin

“Liberty lost in the war on Covid” For sure! How can we get the message out when our message has been banned EVERYWHERE? All I can do is walk in a store without a mask, at risk of my life. But I’m not allowed even to do that, they stop you at the door, no mask, no service! The powers that be have missed no place of police brutality and I am not talking about literal policemen, I’m talking about government agency’s at all levels, they have left no stone unturned, even using ‘brown shirts’ to turn people in. They… Read more »


I suspect Jesus will have work for us this fall when a lot of people get sick and there’s no help available thanks to a lot of the insane measures being taken. In ancient Rome Christians nursed the sick. Including plague victims.


Eigentlich ist gar nichts passiert, außer daß die WHO die Norm für die Ausrufung einer Pandemie gesenkt hat. Auf diese Weise erfindet die Pharmaindustrie dauernd neue Krankheiten, für die sie natürlich das Heilmittel hat.
Genauso könnte der Deichschutz die Deiche absenken und die Politik reagiert mit Tauchermasken, weil angeblich der Meeresspiegel steigt.

Ich glaube, es geht ums Geld. Gelegenheit macht Diebe.

just sayin

Es geht um gute Verse böse. Es geht um Satan, der Gott sein will, und um den Gott der Bibel, der der einzige wahre Gott ist. Der Teufel hat Lehren, und wer dem Teufel folgt, wird tun, was er sagt. Diejenigen, die Jesus nachfolgen, werden tun, was er sagt. Es gibt nur einen Gewinner in diesem Spiel, Herzen und Seelen für das Böse oder Das Gute zu gewinnen, und es ist Gott. Er ist Liebe, er ist gut, und weil er gut ist, hat er uns bereits geholfen: ‘Denn Gott hat die Welt so geliebt, dass er seinen eingeborenen Sohn gegeben hat, der an ihn… Read more »


Ich mache zwar hier und da einen orthographischen Fehler, aber das habe ich nicht geschrieben. Ist der Text durch ein Übersetzungprogramm gelaufen?


Talk is EXTREMELY cheap….it costs nothing…..and the continued babbling is for infants and cowards.
The MEN who died in battle during OUR country’s revolution would testify to that.


What are you going to do? Start shooting 5G towers or attacking drug stores?
The problem is there are no soldiers attacking us as of yet. So keep it peaceful.
The baddies would love an excuse to disarm us.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ren

Ron Paul says all the right things but fails to say it to the person who most needs to hear – President Trump. If Ron Paul had talked to Trump when in March or April to educate Trump about all aspect of the virus this lockdown would have been over long ago. Trump is as ignorant about the virus as the average sheeple thus he allows Fauci to influence his decisions. Every time Trump makes noises about returning to normal, here comes Fauci with a dire threat, er, warning and Trump eases up. If Trump were fully informed on about… Read more »


What I’ve been telling my family. They’ve laughed at me and gotten angry. My mother said I would have rejected the polio shot so lots more children would be dead or crippled in iron lungs. She complains the sources and authorities I cite are not mainstream and hard to find.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ren