Roomba Rooms: Amazon Buys iRobot To Map Inside Your Home

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Your Ring doorbell knows who enters your house. Ring Indoor Cameras watch movement in the house. Alexa hears everything that goes on inside. Roomba will map the inside of your home. Amazon gets access to your home network information and flow. Looks like Amazon is a one-stop-shop for total surveillance and complete loss of privacy. ⁃ TN Editor Inc.’s $1.7 billion acquisition of robot vacuum cleaner company iRobot Corp. is a move by the megacorporation to use Roombas to map the interior of homes. This data type is a digital gold mine for Amazon because if marketers know more about what’s inside, they can easily create tailormade ads.

From a market perspective, Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot is to gain deeper insight into customers’ homes via the autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner called “Roomba.”

The latest model of the Roomba, called J7, has a front-facing, AI-powered camera that maps out each room and will identify nearly everything in its path, such as floor plans, where the kitchen is, which space is the master bedroom, and where the kids sleep, as well as items on the floor.

“Slightly more terrifying, the maps also represent a wealth of data for marketers. The size of your house is a pretty good proxy for your wealth. A floor covered in toys means you likely have kids. A household without much furniture is a household to which you can try to sell more furniture. This is all useful intel for a company such as Amazon which, you may have noticed, is in the business of selling stuff,” Bloomberg said. 

Roomba’s surveillance from within the home is pure digital gold, as Amazon’s ambition to learn more about the customer will allow marketers to sell more junk.

Vice News said, “leaked documents acquired by Motherboard revealed that one of the goals of Astro [Amazon’s robot] was to create a robot that intelligently plotted out the interior of a user’s homes, even creating heat maps of highly trafficked areas.”

Amazon customers haven’t received Astro well for privacy reasons, and the same could happen with robot vacuums following the acquisition. Some on Twitter are already calling the Amazon/iRobot deal “pure dystopia.”

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Right, because they’re doing it all for money. Like Bank of America gave BLM a billion dollars because it would help them make money. BS.

Marketing isn’t even in the picture. It’s total surveillance. It’s to know every single inch of your psyche, so that you have no “you” left that isn’t controlled by “them”. If they control you, what would they need your money for?

[…] Roomba Rooms: Amazon Buys iRobot To Map Inside Your Home […]

[…] Roomba Rooms: Amazon Buys iRobot To Map Inside Your Home […]