Seattle Times Admits That Face Mask Science Is Not Proven

Photo: Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times
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Because there is no clear evidence that face masks work to stop the spread of COVID-19, Technocrats are scrambling after-the-fact to justify their policies and outcomes. This isn’t the way real science works, folks. ⁃ TN Editor

To definitively answer the question of whether face masks protect against the novel coronavirus, here’s what you’d need to do:

  • Recruit thousands of volunteers.
  • Randomly divide them into two groups.
  • Assign one group to always wear masks outside of the house, and one group to never wear masks.
  • Wait a few months, see who gets infected — then try to sort out all possible confounding variables, like compliance, mask fit and social distancing.

A study like that would be not only tough to pull off, but unethical in the midst of a pandemic. It also wouldn’t be able to determine community-level effectiveness — that is, how well masks work not just to protect individuals, but to reduce the spread of the disease through a population. For that, you would need multiple experimental groups across multiple cities — which isn’t going to happen.

So officials considering mask mandates — as well as citizens weighing how and when to mask up — are forced to act on imperfect evidence. But the path is getting clearer as the sheer volume and variety of studies increases. Some are still preliminary and none meet the so-called gold standard of large, randomized, controlled trials. But collectively they are building a compelling case for universal masking as a low-tech way to help rein in the spread of the virus, and perhaps avoid the need for more painful restrictions.

The new research comes from laboratory tests of masks; observational reports and deep dives into the data from places where masks were and weren’t embraced. There are compelling case studies, including a beauty shop in Missouri where mask-wearing by two unknowingly infected beauticians and dozens of customers seems to have prevented an outbreak. Then there’s the summer camp in Georgia where kids sang and cheered and didn’t wear masks, and more than 250 people got infected.

Modelers at the University of Washington and elsewhere are now leveraging the data that does exist to estimate how many lives might be saved if most people wear masks.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt anymore about the role of masks,” said Dr. Jared Baeten, vice dean of the University of Washington School of Public Health. Baeten was among those who initially questioned the value of masks for the general public, partly to preserve the supply for health care workers, partly because disease prevalence was low, and partly because he — like many other epidemiologists — mistakenly assumed the virus was mainly spread by people with symptoms, who were always advised to wear masks.

What changed his mind was the growing realization that people seem to be most contagious before they feel sick and that some infected people never develop symptoms at all.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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If we all just committed suicide we could fully defeat this — barring that why not bubble suits? When a CVirus comes in you cannot stop people from catching it — maybe slow down the spread for awhile but you can’t stop it, this article is ridiculous for you….– your article seems to argue for what is not possible– they didn’t get it there but they will get it somewhere else (and nearly all will be asymptomatic)– did they all die? There have been CViruses (and worse) for a long time — why is this being forced now? NWO. We’re… Read more »


AND we must have a vaccine per Fauci?

Lewis Tyner

Is bubble boy still alive? Or has he succumbed to the ‘Rona plague? Just because we may believe bubbles work don’t make it so, right? Holy smokes, I just heard on the radio that my states health director don’t think the infected numbers going down is a fluke, and it just goes to show what we can accomplish by wearing masks. They mandated face diapers on everyone in my state two weeks ago. They held out as long as possible, to have the greatest opportunity at chest pounding. For that, I hope they go up again one more time….


This is a quopte from one of the article’s references:
“Our findings indicate that surgical masks can efficaciously reduce the emission of influenza virus particles into the environment in respiratory droplets, but not in aerosols12.”
This virus is being transmitted by aerosols as 200+ scientists had to, as a group, FORCE the WHO to admit.
Masks create aerosols via the air jets around the perimeter of the mask.


Young kid came up with an idea for a mask stored inside their t-shirt so they could return to school “safely”. Never mind it’s a most unsanitary way to store and wear a mask and violates all mask protocols.

Lewis Tyner

That’s odd. We were told two weeks ago we had to wear face diapers in my state. Not one single protocol, though. So anything goes on face diaper type and how they are worn it seems. This makes no sense to me. Anything the state does comes with protocols, but I’m supposed to take this serious?


I am not sure masks are that valuable for most of us. Mostly I do not wear a mask EXCEPT when I must to go into a store as many are now requiring them. The store employees do wear a mask and some have it positioned correctly and some lower. Do I care? No. My favorite taco stand across the street has tables approx 6 feet apart on the outside edge of the stand. There is one table in the back on the inside wall. Many if not even most of their customers have no masks on and look pretty… Read more »


I don’t get the fake science behind mandated mask wearing for everyone. I get it if a person knows that their immune system is weak through covid19 or some other illness, and are trying to prevent themselves from catching a worse pathogen, or infecting someone else with their virus. I get it that healthcare workers should mask up in an attempt to protect themselves and patients they are working around and with. I also get mask wearing when working in dusty and chemical environments. I also get it that people may have covid19, not get sick, die or have any… Read more »


Where did the headline for this story come from? It could not have been more opposite the truth of what the authors wrote.


The article from the Seattle Times begins by saying that we don’t know whether masks are effective weapons against infection, then goes on to describe what kind of “gold-standard” study we would have to do in order to determine this. She then explains why such a study cannot be done. Then she spends the rest of article quoting from imperfect, sub-scientific, non-gold-standard studies to assert that masks do make a significant difference. One for the trash can


consider that South Dakota and Sweden only casually and voluntarily did masks and got better results quicker than all the lockdown/mask nonsense. In point of fact the harshest lockdown places have the worst death counts.