Silicon Valley Technocrats On Collision Course With Populism

Amazon Bezos
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Silicon Valley is chock full of Technocrats who worship science and technology as they eschew legitimate political discourse. After all, the scientific engineering of society is best left to them only. Individual citizens are viewed as pesky obstacles.  TN Editor

Tuesday’s election was an expression of voter angst that heralded a new type of populism. For Silicon Valley, it also marked the ascension of a vision starkly at odds with its own.

The world is changing faster than ever, and Donald Trump’s campaign tapped into concern about where that change is taking the country. Many of the campaign’s central issues—jobs, globalization and immigration—had in common that they were rooted, in large part, in technological change.

The populist wave Mr. Trump rode appears to be on a collision course with the fruits of technology and the people who build it.

Uber Technologies Inc. and others are testing self-driving trucks. That augurs trouble for the 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S., who hold some of the best-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree. Meanwhile, advances in artificial intelligence are beginning to consume white-collar jobs in fields such as medicine and finance, shifting the debate over the impact of technology.

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wife & i
wife & i

Hmmm, might be that Silicon Valley may experience some Shake Rattle & Rolling! HE, literally sit’s back & laughs at these feeble minded Ba’al loving vipers! Sa’tan hate’s God’s special Creation (us/mankind) so it only makes sense the devil will try to replace/change us into something other than… Interesting (off topic) that CERN (LHC) started out using 13 tera electron volt’s to 100 tera electron volt’s! Which (by the way) the Bible mention’s in Rev. ch 20 that ‘they’ were given the ‘key’ to the bottomless pit!!!!!!! By the way Patrick, enjoyed the CTM (John B) show w/you – it’s… Read more »


Butt Hurt Leftists Are Trying to Cancel the Election Result

Biff Baxter
Biff Baxter

They lack humility and it is the origin of all solid achievements in science, technology and the arts. I am of the opinion that computing technology would have advanced a lot more quickly if these cartels had not come into existence. They each knit a web and wait for consumer to fall into it and get stuck with their product. A freer market and lower taxes would have long ago permitted many more interesting people to populate this space. They tell the public they are successful because they are the best and brightest but in many cases like Bezos they… Read more »