Tiny 160-Square-Foot Houses The Future Of Weekend Getaways

Picture courtesy of Getaway.com
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TN Note: Short story, but you have to listen to Pete Seegar’s 1963 song, Little Boxes. Was he prophetic, or what?

Sometimes vacations are more trouble than they’re worth. You spend a lot of money, travel far, and leave stressed.

Getaway, a hospitality startup launched in the Harvard Innovation Lab, shakes up that routine by offering tiny houses for rent. Relaxing in the forest reins in the temptation to take day trips or shop, leaving guests to unwind. It’s like camping, but with the creature comforts of home.

The company maintains three 160-square-foot tiny houses in the Massachusetts woods, which guests can book for $99 a night. The location of the homes is top secret, but all are within a two-hour drive of Boston.

Tech Insider spoke with Jon Staff, CEO of Getaway and a Harvard Business School student, to see why tiny houses might be the future of tourism.

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Ms Robinson, NO body likes these, honestly. The investors keep promoting these white elephants to the masses, that they are the Next Big Thing, and good for the environment, and so on. The people that get suckered into buying them, or fool themselves into believing that they are somehow contributing to the whole “sustainable living” scheme by purchasing one, kick themselves in their own bottoms once they’ve had them a while, and realize “Gee- honey, we could have invested the SAME amount of $$ in a unit with 750 sq ft, and actually saved money in the bargain”. It’s like… Read more »


Pete Seger’s song starts with the way physical homes in some areas look so very much like the others next to it – and worked into the human aspect of it; they all going to University and all coming out the same…brainwashed to think just like all the other little “boxes.” One of the finest political songs ever. Never realized that when I was a kid. Makes a whole lot more sense now.


Maybe these “little” houses can be used for the homeless!!