Trilateral Commission Member Eric Schmidt Leads AI Ethics Board

Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt is 6th from the left. Wikimedia Commons, Ash Carter
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The Pentagon is leading the way to create ethics standards for the use of AI in warfare as well as civilian government. Who is Chairman of the Defense Innovation Board? Trilateral Commission member and ex-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt!

Schmidt, who ran Google under the credo “Do no evil” and then proceeded to use AI to dominate the Internet, censorship, political candidates, etc., is now the dominant force on the panel that is creating the ethical standards for the use of AI is government and warfare.

Also sitting on the board is Walter Isaacson, former President of the Aspen Institute and of the Trilateral Commission. ⁃ TN Editor

The Pentagon is adopting new ethical principles as it prepares to accelerate its use of artificial intelligence technology on the battlefield.

The new principles call for people to “exercise appropriate levels of judgment and care” when deploying and using AI systems, such as those that scan aerial imagery to look for targets.

They also say decisions made by automated systems should be “traceable” and “governable,” which means “there has to be a way to disengage or deactivate” them if they are demonstrating unintended behavior, said Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, director of the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.

The Pentagon’s push to speed up its AI capabilities has fueled a fight between tech companies over a $10 billion cloud computing contract known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI. Microsoft won the contract in October but hasn’t been able to get started on the 10-year project because Amazon sued the Pentagon, arguing that President Donald Trump’s antipathy toward Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos hurt the company’s chances at winning the bid.

An existing 2012 military directive requires humans to be in control of automated weapons but doesn’t address broader uses of AI. The new U.S. principles are meant to guide both combat and non-combat applications, from intelligence-gathering and surveillance operations to predicting maintenance problems in planes or ships.

The approach outlined Monday follows recommendations made last year by the Defense Innovation Board, a group led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

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Ronald W Tippitt
Ronald W Tippitt

This is hysterical; AI is being used to manipulate us into Serfdom. How exactly is that ethical?


I’m sorry, WHAT? Thought I’d read the headline incorrectly. Read it again. Nope. It read ‘Eric Schmidt’. An uncensored version of my thoughts included–fox in the hen house. But then the entire line up is in step with that thought.