Australia Now Building Large Quarantine Camps For Unvaxxed Travelers

Australia is rapidly turning into a dystopian police state that is larger in scope than any seen before in history. However, other nations are following suit with “quarantine camps” that target unvaccinated travelers and other high-risk individuals. Once in place, these “centers” can be repurposed for any whim of government edicts – and therein lies the great danger.

WEF Creates Framework For ‘Responsible’ Facial Recognition

Always claiming the centrist, balanced thought leader position, the WEF “offers a framework to ensure the responsible use of facial recognition technology.” There is little concern over personal privacy, but only if it is accurate enough and will minimize wrongful arrests. Focus is on police actions to contain and predict criminal activity, thus promoting a police state.

Malone: Physicians Are Being ‘Hunted’ For Criticizing Vaccines

This is a new twist on censorship: The New England Journal of Medicine blocked Dr. Robert Malone’s IP address to prevent him from accessing the site. This indicates Technocrat desperation to eradicate all opposition, and especially those experts who have the credentials to destroy their narrative. Meanwhile, Italy branded Malone as a “terrorist”.

Staggering Number Of US Troops Remain Unvaccinated

Resistance to taking the COVID mRNA injection is widespread throughout America, including the military. Airline pilots and air traffic controllers are close to shutting down air traffic. Hospitals, HMOs, police and other law enforcement agencies face mass exoduses over non-vaccination. Meanwhile, audiences at major sporting events are chanting “f**k Joe Biden”.

Mercola: Over 200,000 Have Now Died From COVID Jab

Technocrats have so muddied the data through convoluted statistics and illogic, that it is very hard to cut through the clutter to figure out exactly what is happening. This report provides a clear view of the damage caused by mRNA gene therapy injections, and calls for immediate halt to public distribution.

LA County Sheriff Defies County-Wide Mandate To Vaxx Deputies, Staff

Sheriff Villanueva’s actions underscore the authority inherent in the elected office of the local sheriff, which is the only elected law enforcement official in every county. It is no wonder that a major part of the defunding of police in America is to destroy the elected office of sheriff. However, this office is truly the last defense against outright tyranny in America.