Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set To Continue

Under the cover of chaos, Technocracy thrived during 2020-2021 at spreading its net of control and social engineering. Without chaos, virtually none of Technocracy’s initiatives would have ever gotten off the ground. The point is this: Technocracy thrives on order, structure and predictability but uses chaos to get there.

mRNA Technology To Be Applied To Other Diseases

Now that the human genome has been opened up for inserting synthetic mRNA modeled by computer programs, Transhuman scientists are expanding their reach to target other diseases in other parts of the human body. Direct DNA editing is already in the works as well.

Barbados: First Diplomatic Embassy To Open In Metaverse

All Americans recognize an “auto mall” as a grouping of big car dealers in the same complex. Now imagine a virtual “embassy row” in the metaverse where your avatar can visit to conduct official business with embassy avatars from your favorite nation. Barbados is claiming the first spot, but don’t expect sandy beaches and warm waters.

Technocrats At IMF, World Bank Plus 10 Countries Held Alarming “Simulation” Of Global Financial System Collapse

ust as the Great Panic of 2020 pandemic was carefully scripted and simulated by Event 201 in October 2019, a drill of a cyber-attack induced collapse of the global financial system was recently held under the direction of the Technocrat-laden IMF and World Bank. Skeptics of the latest exercise are greatly concerned that it too, could turn out to be another self-fulfilling prophecy.