February 11, 2021


Attenborough: Humanity Is A Plague Upon The Earth

A recurring but lesser revealed theme among Technocrats is that population reduction is required to save the earth. The radical reconstruction of the world’s economic system will supposedly put things back into balance. All of this is anti-human and anti-civilization.

Dermatologist: ‘Maskne’ Is Real

Maskne is only one side effect of wearing masks for extended periods, including mouth sores, thrush, staph and sinus infections, eczema, fainting, headaches, dry cough, asthma and shortness of breath. Psychological effects include anxiety, claustrophobia, depression, isolation and suicide.

Masks 4Eva: CDC Now Recommends Wearing Two Masks

With all the harm already caused by wearing one mask, Technocrat scientists have looked into their pseudo-science crystal ball and decided that two masks would be even better. The CDC’s “guidelines” are obviously very flexible, but are not the law in any sense.