November 12, 2021

As Vaccine Mandates Spread, Italy Shows What To Expect

Medical Technocrats in Big Pharma have government leaders eating out of their hand as lockdowns and mandates expand for yet another season. People of the world are being levered into taking the shot, whether they want to or not, by disallowing personal freedom and privileges on a mass scale.

Singapore: No Free Healthcare For Those “Unvaccinated By Choice”

Singapore’s health system is more complicated than “free” but it has opened pandora’s box to turn all those “unvaccinated by choice” into second class citizens. This is a not-so-subtle effort to force compliance. If personal health choices become the standard to judge who gets health care, then bodily sanctity is gone.

Whitehead: Metaverse Is ‘Freedom’ Meted Out By Technological Tyrants

For anyone looking forward to experiencing the Metaverse, you have been warned. If you let your children participate in the Metaverse, you have been warned. If you think it’s just a game, an educational tool or a place for cheap entertainment, you have been warned. The Metaverse is a place where souls will be trapped and enslaved.