November 8, 2021

Italy’s ‘From Covid’ Death Count Drastically Reduced By Over 97 Percent

Global Technocrat shills who pumped death-rate hysteria to the media, along with dystopian policies, have been exposed in Italy. Worldwide, it is now likely that over 90 percent of deaths were “with COVID” and not “from COVID.” This could go down in history as the biggest con the world has ever seen, and with the most deadly consequences.

Social Security Website Acknowledges Technocracy

On its website page, Historical Background And Development Of Social Security, the Social Security Administration lists Technocracy as one of many precursors to Social Security. It concludes, “Oddly enough, alone among this collection of radical movements of the 1930s, the Technocracy movement survives, if not quite thrives, into the present day.”