November 19, 2021

IBM Announces Huge Advances In Quantum Computing

The power of quantum computing, based on quantum physics, is simply beyond comprehension. IBM’s new 127-qubit processor offers a comparison for perspective: “the number of classical bits necessary to represent a state on the 127-qubit processor exceeds the total number of atoms in the more than 7.5 billion people alive today.”

Technocracy Ahead: Digital ID Is Set To Control Your Life

India has been the global testing ground for a ubiquitous digital id that will be your constant companion as you move through your day, providing access to every service, building and activity. If it is ever “cut off”, you will have nothing and you won’t be happy about it. Technocrats seek total control over everything in society, moving or not.

‘Digital Biology’: Biology Viewed As An Information Processing System

Google’s parent, Alphabet, is already deeply embedded in the medical industry, but is expanding with a new subsidiary, Isomorphic Labs. The company will attempt to discover the “common underlying structure between biology and information science”, in a quest to accelerate new drug discovery. It will partner with pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.