December 17, 2021

#MeToo Comes To Metaverse: “There I Was, Being Virtually Groped”

Whatever criminal or base behavior that exists in the real world, can and will also exist in the virtual world. Already, a female beta-tester for a metaverse software platform has reported being unexpectedly groped by a stranger. The metaverse is inevitably headed toward lawlessness and moral depravity, outside of governmental reach, much like the “Wild West” of the 1800s.

AWS Announces IoT TwinMaker Service To Build Digital Twins

Creating a digital twin of the physical world will be key to constructing the virtual metaverse where people will move seamlessly between the real and artificial world. Within a few years, we should expect something comparable to Google Maps and Google Earth except on an immersive level where your own digital twin (avatar) can be inserted anywhere on earth.

Man And AI Machine: Co-Evolutionary Hybrid Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an oxymoron because intelligence is an exclusively human concept. Thus, if humans use their intelligence to build artificial representations of their own intelligence, it can never exceed it. Nevertheless, artificial reasoning power does not express or inherit human traits such as wisdom, compassion, love, etc.