December 16, 2021

Technocrats Send Message: You Will Never Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’

TN has stated that Big Pharma’s first goal was to get the mRNA/DNA needle into your arm, and then to continue injecting you with a never-ending string of future shots. Thus far, this is exactly what is happening, with the term “fully vaccinated” being redefined on a regular basis. Shots continue to be administered under Emergency Use Authorization.

Global Warming Activist Michael Mann Demands Censorship Of Dissenters

Michael Mann is the discredited climate scientist who fabricated the infamous “hockey stick” model of global warming. His answer to critics like Dr. Tim Ball is to sue them. Now he wants all dissenters forcibly censored and removed from public discussion. This is how the “science is settled” by pseudo-science ideologues.

New York City Set To Ban Natural Gas From New Buildings

The irrational war on carbon is extending into public policy as major cities consider banning natural gas. Natural gas is abundant, inexpensive, clean. reliable and already built into our national infrastructure, but that’s not good enough for global warming ideologues who have declared war on carbon.