December 2, 2021

HR 550: House Passes Bill To Fund Federal Vaccination Database

Even a blind person could see that the only purpose to track vaccinations is to identify the unvaccinated. Technocrats have turned the unvaccinated into an enemy that must be dealt with by physical means. Today that could be fines, quarantines and criminal records. Tomorrow, it could mean mass expulsion and even genocidal purging. Tyranny never retreats on its own; it must be forcefully pushed back and definitively conquered.

WEF Says Synthetic Biology Is The Key To Reset Living Systems

Technocrat/Transhuman scientists define synthetic biology as “the design of novel biological components and systems” and “the re-design of existing biological systems.” This means AI-assisted genetic engineering to create new or modified life forms. This is why the UN has called for a complete mapping of all DNA on earth to be used as a global commons database.

LA Sheriff Nixes COVID Testing Company: DNA “Will Likely Be Shared With… China”

LA  County Sheriff Alex Villanueva continues to make waves by calling out the LA County Board of Supervisors for contracting with a COVID testing company with strong ties to China, that blatantly states collected DNA data will be used and stored outside of US borders. Technocrats in China have plainly stated that they are building the largest DNA database in the world.