June 5, 2023

Ireland Debates Killing 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change

Thanks to the incessant needling by the United Nations global warming cultists, virtually every nation on earth has declared war on agriculture in general and red meat in particular. Alternative food, such as insects and lab-grown meat, is comparable to the scam of inefficient and expensive alternative energy. Both are delusional and refuse to be corrected despite clear evidence exposing the madness.

Steps To World Rule: First, Destroy Humanity

People around the world are picking up on the necessity (inevitability) of a scorched earth policy needed to effect the Great Reset: “any world leader(s) will have to focus on the destruction of humanity before they can accomplish any sort of world control over its inhabitants.” Technocracy will create a prison, not a Utopia.

BIS Engages AI To Monitor All Global Bank Transactions

The BIS’ justification is to crack down on illegal money laundering by anyone but itself. The hypocrisy is stunning: the BIS itself is largest money laundering operation in history. It is crushing its competition as well as preparing for the global network of Central Bank Digital Currencies, to be orchestrated by the BIS of course. As revealed in my book. The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, the BIS sits at the apex of global control, the Great Reset and scientific dictatorship, aka Technocracy.

Twisted: Testimony Reveals That DHS Labels Private Thoughts As ‘Critical Infrastructure’ To Justify Censoring You

The DHS Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has classified American “thoughts, ideas, and beliefs” as “critical infrastructure. Control over these “cognitive assets” has been unconstitutionally turned over to private entities. This is a most egregious and brazen violation of the First Amendment imaginable, and is a clear example of how government agencies are being weaponized against American citizens

The Plan: Next Pandemic Will Reinstate Lockdowns

The government and Technocrats in the healthcare cartel refuse to repudiate the society-killing lockdown policies seen during the “Great Panic of 2020, virtually guaranteeing that these policies will be again implemented as a knee-jerk reaction to the next plandemic. Since another pandemic is already on the drawing board at the WHO, now is the time to prepare for massive civil disobedience to refuse to comply.