June 1, 2023

Risk Of Contracting COVID-19 Goes UP With Every mRNA Shot You Take

A peer-reviewed study now shows conclusively that the risk of COVID-19 infection goes up with every additional vaxx or booster you receive. We now know that mRNA shots did not inhibit the spread of the virus, nor did they prevent infection as was widely claimed. So, what was the purpose of mRNA shots? In short, they started the genetic manipulation of the human species.

Green Monkey DNA Found In COVID-19 Shots

The wheels are coming off of Big Pharma’s massive fraud perpetrated on humanity. As real scientific studies take place, and they take time, it is found that the mRNA shots contained large amounts of DNA and from multiple sources, that are able to permanently change your DNA. Once changed, they cannot be changed back. The potential result is life-long chronic illness or death.