June 2, 2023

In Japan, AI Can Learn From Any Data Source, Even Illegal Ones

AI is nothing but an empty pillow case without the data it uses for “learning”. Does anyone ask where all this data comes from? Or question if it is ethical or legal to do so? Were it not for the massive streams of data from the Internet, there would be no AI. Once this data is “stolen” for learning, it cannot be unlearned.

As Russia Targets Food And Water, Is The Holodomor About To Repeat In Ukraine?

In 1932-1933, the USSR attacked Ukraine by disrupting its food supply. The historical article below gives the grizzly details of the genocidal campaign that caused the death of at least 4 million people. It was called Holodomor, or “death by starvation”. As Russia today targets agriculture and water in Ukraine, questions are rising: It a repeat of history taking place?