June 8, 2023

Didn’t Take Long: WHO Global Vaccine Passports Go Live In Europe

AsĀ  borders in Europe are now controlled by the World Health Organization, anti-vaxxers and other nay-sayers will be banned from movement between countries. This will spread rapidly around the world. Expect other add-ons to the passport that may or may not relate to health, such as certain co-morbidities or carbon footprint. The universal ID will also dovetail to Internet access and use of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

The Trilateral Commission Members Driving Censorship Campaigns

When the Atlantic Council “takes up the censorship sword”, you know that it is an official policy of the Trilateral Commission. Why? Because the Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors are riddled with TC members like Henry Kissinger, Joseph Nye, Michael Chertoff, Paula Dobriansky, and others. The Atlantic Council has been dominated by the Trilateral Commission since its founding in 1973.

UK AI Task Force Advisor: 2 Years Left To Contain, Or Else

There are two problems facing humanity, described by the words. “deep” and “wide”. Widespread adoption of current models means current models are everywhere. Meanwhile, as capabilities deepen, those enhancements are seamlessly immediately pushed out to all the installations in the world. Open AI has pledged to slow new releases, but other AI companies are pushing ahead at full speed.