Climate Deniers Strike Back In Paris During UN Climate Summit

blankPhoto by D. Bacigalupi (2015)
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TN Note: Wanted posters of climate “deniers” were posted all over Paris, but it only served to give additional publicity to the top climate scientists who were there to debunk global warming hysteria and junk science. And, debunk they did. CFACT held a world-premier viewing of its new documentary called Climate Hustle,  hosted by Mark Murano. The venue was packed out by eager truth-seekers from around the world.

“Ooh look, it’s James Delingpole, the most hateful man in Britain. No I WON’T pose for a photograph with you, you piece of filth. Go away don’t touch me,” snarled an unhappy crusty-looking fellow, as I squeezed through the throng of protestors at entrance. I was dressed in black tie; they were dressed for the revolution.

“Join us! We’re your friends,” cooed three girls in blonde wigs and sparkly coal miners’ outfits handing out lumps of coal. (They weren’t really my friends. They were green activists too. But, like most of the renta-mob crowd, perfectly amiable)

“Howl! Howl!” bayed two men dressed as giant spoons.

Then the police turned up and in characteristic no-nonsense French style forced the protestors to disperse before the stars – including 92-year old rocket scientist Fred Singer and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore – in black tie arrived in their stretch limos and walked up the red carpet.

It was the perfect launch for Marc Morano’s climate skeptical movie Climate Hustle – the skeptics’ long-awaited answer to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – which staged its triumphant world premiere in Paris last night.

The protestors had come fresh from the COP21 climate conference, alerted by Wanted posters plastered by activists over the streets of central Paris warning them that seven of the world’s most evil fossil fuel lobbyists were in town to disrupt their holy mission to bomb the global economy back to the dark ages with carbon reductions, regulations and wealth redistribution.

In fact though – an irony lost on the protestors: they really don’t do irony, these people – it was the greenies who were doing all the disrupting.

Earlier in the day they’d tried to sabotage a conference of climate skeptics being hosted in central Paris by the Heartland Institute. (You can see the footage of the presentation – Examining The Data – here).

Now they’d come to jeer outside a film they’ll never watch made by people they won’t listen to presenting a message they’re ideologically incapable of comprehending.

If they ever did see Climate Hustle it would be totally lost on them.

Climate Hustle is the Anti Inconvenient Truth. It’s for people with an open mind who want to know what’s really going on with the world’s climate – as opposed to what hucksters like Al Gore want to persuade them is going on with the world’s climate – all backed up with hard data and evidence presented by scientists who know and understand, among them the Nobel-prize-winning Norwegian physicist Ivar Giaever.

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Carl Lambrecht

The truth shall set you free.

Alison Ryan

The pursuit of a globalization of the whole world by organisations such as the United Nations Organisation and the Vatican is based on their presumptuous belief that they have a global mandate; one from member countries and the other from God. The current Pope is a Jesuit and the Jesuits have their people in every place to fulfill their oaths to the Papacy of Rome. May God wake up all the peoples of the world to seek after truth that they might be saved from both organisations which can never save the world. Jesus said, If ye continue in my… Read more »