Escaping Earth: Super-Rich Tycoons Plan Base On Moon By 2026


TN Note: Technocrats with enough money are already plotting their escape from planet earth. They are not likely to include “common people”, politicians and non-technocrats. What they don’t likely see is that they are playing into a prison of their own making.

HUMANS could be living on the moon within a decade for a total cost of just £6.5bn, a fraction of what it cost to get there originally, say a group of Silicon Valley billionaires and Nasa scientists.

They have pinpointed the most desirable area on the moon, which receives the maximum amount of sunlight. This means that the site, beside Peary crater at the lunar north pole, is ideal for generating the solar power vital for any such base.

The scientists are planning a base holding up to 10 people who would use solar panels to exploit the rich deposits of water and minerals also found around the crater, which add to its value.

The plan is being pushed by Steve Jurvetson, a private space sector investor, along with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Planet Labs, a satellite firm.

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