Expert: Brainy Robots Will Do All Of Our Housework By 2050

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The end of work and the obsolescence of mankind. What could be wrong with this Technocratic Utopia? The work we do gives meaning to our lives, but to a Technocrat, human life is wasteful and inefficient. Why settle for less if robots can do all your work more efficiently than you?   TN Editor

Bots will be able to hoover, wash clothes and clean houses by 2050 – and they could even be ordering the weekly shop.

Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson said robots will have the ability to carry out at least 80 per cent of chores within a generation.

He said: “The more advanced technology becomes, the more we can focus on being human.”

Superbots will even be managing teams of droids to carry out their jobs, it is predicted.

And it means Brits will have more leisure time on their hands once those nagging chores are out of the way.

Dr Pearson added: “Miniature robot tidiers are likely to be waiting until rooms are empty and then scurrying around picking up small objects.

“People won’t need to work as much. We’ll have a nicer lifestyle with more time for relaxation.”

A former future predictor for BT, Dr Pearson now runs his own company called Futurizon which specialises in predicting how our lifestyles will develop.

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In general most work is wage slavery where people trade their precious hours for an insulting wage. While other people enjoy their jobs and may be adequately compensated they are still slaves to the global plantation. When the C level executives receive 100 to 4000 times more compensation than the average employee does there is something wrong. This is where wage slavery pops it head up and smiles. People making a salary of $120,000 think they have a good job and put in 60 hours a week because they love their job. Well they are diluting their wage by 50%.… Read more »

Ray Songtree

In response to former comment, we agree on individualism and decentralization, but “abundance of energy” on a finite planet will just use up resources more quickly, and they are already in decline. Our industrial ways are unsustainable. The elite are puppets for a deeper agenda, which is replacing organic biology with nano-bot AI. We wage slaves are building our own coffins. The alternative is not a different kind of progress, it is a return to what worked, something ancient. I agree with Pat, work gives meaning to our lives, but not slave work for the machine. When we worked with… Read more »