UN Certified ‘Expert’: Religious Communities Must Yield To LGBT Demands

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The attack on religious freedom is unprecedented with new calls for religious communities to bow before LGBT demands for inclusion and acceptance. In the U.S., the First Amendment enshrines religious liberty as a God-given right; this would be demolished by this LGBT line of thinking. The very small LGBT community has no more right to demand religious subservience than the dog-catchers union. ⁃ TN Editor

A U.N.-certified “expert” on sexual orientation and gender identity declared Wednesday that religious communities must yield to the demands of LGBT persons to avoid charges of violence and discrimination.

Freedom of religion or belief need not be incompatible with equality for LGBT persons, Victor Madrigal-Borloz asserted in his address to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, as long as religious groups accept the claims of gay and transgender persons.

Religious narratives clashing with the beliefs and lifestyle choices of LGBT persons, however, are “beyond the scope of the right freedom of religion or belief,” said Madrigal-Borloz, dubbed by the U.N. “the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Predictably, the U.N. Council did not call on an expert in religious freedom to offer a counterpoint to the position of Madrigal-Borloz.

As a model for religious believers, Madrigal-Borloz held up the example of “the voices and practices of inclusive communities,” meaning religious groups that accept same-sex marriage and gender fluidity.

Traditional believers such as Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Roman Catholics, and conservative Christians, who offer a negative moral judgment on LGBT claims and practices stoke the flames of violence, discrimination, and exclusion, he suggested, which “can have severe and negative consequences for the personhood, dignity, and spirituality of LGBT persons.”

In particular, Madrigal-Borloz voiced concern about “interpretations of religious doctrines that place homosexuality and gender nonconformity within a discourse of immorality and sin, describing the power that such discourse can have on the social acceptance of LGBT people, particularly when propagated by religious and belief leaders.”

The target of particular opprobrium in the expert’s address was the nation of Hungary, which passed a law in 2020 “that effectively banned adoption by same-sex couples, applying a strict Christian conservative viewpoint to the legal definition of a family.”

The amendment “altered the constitutional definition of families to exclude transgender and other LGBT individuals, defining the basis of the family as ‘marriage and the parent-child relationship,’ and declaring that ‘the mother is a woman, and the father is a man,’” he lamented.

“The expert underscored that the right to freedom of religion or belief must not be used as an excuse for violence or discriminatory denial of the human rights of LGBT persons,” the U.N. report stated, while failing to make the vital distinction between encouraging violence — which all major religious bodies reject — and refusing to accept the pretensions of the LGBT lobby.

Throughout his address, in fact, Madrigal-Borloz never referred to “discrimination” without appending it to “violence,” thus precluding the possibility of analyzing these distinct terms separately.

Examples of “hate speech” against LGBT persons, Madrigal-Borloz contended, include “scapegoating them for controversies, positing them as a threat to the traditional family, and interpreting religious doctrines to exclude and promote violence and discrimination against homosexuality and gender nonconformity.”

According to criteria from the expert’s statement, the Christian Bible would be full of anti-LGBT hate speech and therefore would be unacceptable as a religious text.

“The right to freedom of religion or belief is a shield to protect the lawful manifestation of personal convictions, as well as to protect the right not to be part of a particular belief or subjected to human rights violations claimed to be justified by it,” he argued.

Madrigal-Borloz also criticized efforts to accord any special status to religious freedom within the hierarchy of human rights, such as the Catholic Church has sought to do. Pope John Paul II, for instance, called religious freedom “the source and synthesis” of all human rights.

In his address, Madrigal-Borloz specifically attacked the United States Commission on Unalienable Rights, which released its Report on Unalienable Rights in 2020.

Religious liberty enjoys “primacy in the American political tradition — as an unalienable right, an enduring limit on state power, and a protector of seedbeds of civic virtues,” the report declared.

“There is good reason to worry that the prodigious expansion of human rights has weakened rather than strengthened the claims of human rights and left the most disadvantaged more vulnerable,” it stated.

Madrigal-Borloz also took issue with “religious-based exemptions” from laws requiring participation in LGBT activities, citing the case of the United States where “foster care and adoption agencies can reject prospective families based on sexual orientation, gender identity and faith.”

He similarly excoriated the exemptions given to persons who object to celebrating LGBT couples by baking cakes, hosting receptions, or printing invitations or who refuse for religious reasons to “print materials for Pride Parades.”

The expert went on to decry conscientious objection to “prescribing cross-sex hormones,” a practice that poses “a threat to LGBT persons in substantially restricting the spaces in which they can access necessary services.”

Worthy of great praise, on the contrary, is humanism, Madrigal-Borloz proposed, because it “recognizes that sex is an evolved trait, with no intrinsic meaning” and “does not require rigidly defined sex or gender roles.”

The Independent Expert recommends that faith-based leaders “recognize that sexual orientation and gender identity are diverse around the world and that gender manifests differently in many cultural and social structures and practices, including that many cultures recognize more genders than the male-female binary,” he declared.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Corona Hotspott

“UN Certified ‘Expert’” Okäiieee…@_@


Yes…Expert. Nothing ironic about it. What’s ironic is that in the midst of the “them” showing us who “they” are everyone seems to think it’s a glitch instead of a feature. This is how they are and have always been. The world has always been dominated by “them” and now they’re making it known that “they” don’t need “us”. Good. I don’t like it here anyway.

Dwayne Oxford

Largely already are. Most “churches” and “preachers” are useless or worse.


Yup…closet globalists.

Laura McDonough

The 501c3’s and their hierarchies/national assoc. are on board with lgbtq (few exceptions) . Indep. non 501c3’s are holding church services and have been for years, off gov. radar, some meeting in homes or other private facilities. Some go online to fundamental sermons who expose all evils of gov. agendas and preach Biblical sermons These liberal (anything goes) churches are apostate social centers preaching social justice and condone most any lifestyle. The lgbtg folks would never find these “underground church” groups because they are not IRS registered churches and wouldn’t come under gov. laws if these laws were passed anyway.… Read more »


Man muss es mal zu Ende denken, was sich hier den Weg bahnt, ist die vollständige Brechung jeder eigenen Entscheidung – kennen wir das nicht von der vorangegangenen Verletzung der Integrität des Körpers durch Injektionen? Ist nicht der logische nächste Schritt, dass jeder sexuelle Handlungen, die irgendwer an ihm vornehmen will, zu dulden hat, weil er andernfalls ‘Hass’ verbreitet? Es scheint unglaublich, ist aber doch lange vorgedachtes Prinzip des Marquis deSade. Der Psychoanalytiker Lacan hat die Umkehrung des Kantianischen Imperativs durch deSade erkannt und beschrieben. An die Stelle der Strafe für Übergriffe tritt die Strafe dafür, keinen Übergriff zu dulden.… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Goalive

“Isn’t the logical next step that everyone has to condone sexual acts that anyone wants to perform on them because otherwise they are spreading ‘hate’?” Precisely. Always, without a miss, this group makes the accusation that 98% of the world is spewing hate language while they are the only haters in any conversation. What am I saying? They don’t have conversations just ‘Karens’. What is that old adage? A good offense is better than a great defense. The LBTQRSTXYZ’s (whatever!) is a ‘tool’ of the UN’s/WEF’s/WHO’s orchestration and design for the purpose of breaking down our various cultures. Very obvious.… Read more »


Es ist lange her, dass sich Menschen wirklich ernsthaft mit Religion beschäftigt haben. Heute glaubt (!) man sie aufgeklärt ‘überwunden’, und dass sie entweder darin bestehe, einer Kirche anzugehören oder sich an ‘ein Buch’ zu klammern. Beides gibt es, aber beides ist nicht, was Religion ausmacht !! Religere ist Rückbindung, ist die Verbindung mit dem eigenen Ursprung, der bei Gott allein ist. Was man *in sich* abseits aller Emotionen und Begierden findet, ist eine Seele, die unter einem Wust von Bedrohung und Verführung beinahe erstickt ist. Die strebt von ganz alleine zu Gott, wenn man sie nicht behindert, sondern ihr… Read more »


“Gott umfasst alle Dinge. Was wir erleben, ist eine Prüfung oder eine Strafe, je nachdem, wie wir uns dazu verhalten und wie aufrichtig wir um diesen Ursprung unserer Seelen wissen. Ihn um die Einsicht zu bitten, zu tun, was man tun soll, und um die Geduld, zu tragen, was unvermeidbar ist, ist ein empfehlenswertes Gebet abseits aller Vereine und Bücher.”

I could not agree more. Thanks for saying it so well.


No word yet from this fraud about how THEIR trans-operations lead to suicide, regret, depression etc. and the very fact of invading another CHILD’S body is in itself violence.


Would any sane person even expect them to care?


UN Certified ‘expert’ (what a joke!) can put it where the sun don’t shine. PERIOD.

Bob S.

There has long been a large presence of lesbianism within female religious communities; and homosexuality within male religious communities, officially and necessarily frowned upon as contrary to religious doctrine.

Laura McDonough

Most churches transitioning to condone gay marriages, one Episcopal church in my area married two women, and a Lutheran (ELCA) has a lesbian pastor at a church near me.

Laura McDonough

Best to home church or go online for sermons by Biblical pastors. Others choose to fellowship in small groups with like minded in private settings. These type meetings held will not be IRS/ gov. tracked if they are not registered 501c3 or run ads in local papers. 99 percent churches today are 501c3 corp. with hierarchies dictating to pastors what to preach. Meet in private settings. Unless our gov. is tracking everyone 24/7, an unregistered church will not be known except to ones attending. Churches today (few exceptions) are social centers preaching social justice, and any lifestyle is condoned; it… Read more »

[…] UN Certified ‘Expert’: Religious Communities Must Yield To LGBT Demands […]

[…] UN Certified ‘Expert’: Religious Communities Must Yield To LGBT Demands […]


Sure. Keep selling out ethics, morality, and God! Next up… is pedophilia ok? Bestiality? Necromancy? (Sarc) These pastors that embrace LGBTQ+ and sexual Pride, neither of which demonstrate compassion, nor do a thing to help the so-called aggrieved communities, deserve their own 10th circle. Expose these frauds and send your charitable contributions to the deserving.

Laura McDonough

Biden and congress don’t care about this ongoing child trafficking issue, which mostly involves minors meaning this is pedophilia. Eventually it will be legal.


I can’t wait to the putative World Government (which is what the UN is clearly seeking to becomef) to start leaning on Islamic nations to stop persecuting men for haram homosexual practices.
How many, one wonders, would follow Iran’s example and allow gay men to “come out” as transgender women? Viola! Ingenious, if ideologically suspect.


Ziel ist die Abschaffung von Männern, Alten und Kranken.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

The “Independent Expert” is obviously a legend in his own mind. The UN has actually NO legal right or standing to dictate policy to a sovereign nation, like the United States. Only those with a self serving agenda, sorta like libtards and commies in this country, would bow to such dictates. Or make money from such, or participate in such aberrant behavior. Imnsho, the USA should end all funding of the UN and kindly ask them to find another country to host them, or possibly, Mars. The so called expert, and all his dysfunctional sycophants, will have an unavoidable explanation… Read more »

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