How Green Globalists Exploit The Great Panic Of 2020

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For Technocracy, it’s business a usual. The goal is to kill Capitalism and Free Market Economy and replace it with Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. The object of fear drives people in whatever direction the Technocrats choose. ⁃ TN Editor

Get ready for the “new normal.” Deep State globalists and environmentalists, along with their legions of followers, are literally celebrating the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to completely remake the world to suit their wishes. From Hollywood celebrities and United Nations bigwigs to government leaders and Big Business, elites around the globe are coming out of the closet and revealing their true agenda. In short, it means less freedom and less prosperity for you — and a lot more power for them. Think of the coronavirus lockdown as a test drive.

Leading the charge for weaponizing coronavirus to promote a global environmental regime has been the UN. In a screed demanding trillions of dollars from governments, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for nations to “recover better” from the pandemic by making sure that their development going forward is in line with the UN’s vision on “climate” and sustainable development. The Socialist Party operative, who led the Socialist International before taking over the UN, has been banging the climate drums almost from the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Just this week, writing in the New York Times, Guterres spelled out the agenda. “Addressing climate change and Covid-19 simultaneously and at enough scale requires a response stronger than any seen before to safeguard lives and livelihoods,” he said, proposing “six climate-positive actions” for governments to take while “building back” their economies and societies. “A recovery from the coronavirus crisis must not take us just back to where we were last summer. It is an opportunity to build more sustainable and inclusive economies and societies.”

He has been parroting that theme a lot lately. “We have a rare and short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better,” he said last week at a climate meeting in Berlin, calling for “brave” leadership to address the “looming existential threat” of global warming amid coronavirus. “Let us use the pandemic recovery to provide a foundation for a safe, healthy, inclusive and more resilient world for all people.” In particular, Guterres urged the European Union superstate to show “global leadership” on the green agenda. Already, many EU governments are forcing companies to become “green” in exchange for help surviving the shutdown they themselves mandated.

On the global economic front, the UN chief made clear that governments all over the world should also exploit the shutdown and the massive “stimulus” spending to bring about permanent changes to the economy, the energy sector, business, and more. “Where taxpayers’ money is used to rescue businesses, it must be creating green jobs and sustainable and inclusive growth,” he said. “It must not be bailing out outdated, polluting, carbon-intensive industries.”

“Like the coronavirus, greenhouse gases respect no boundaries,” he added, using typical globalist rhetoric about “global problems” supposedly requiring “global solutions.”

Governments are falling in line. Aside from globalist European leaders, leftist U.S. governors are also lining up to exploit the crisis to advance their pet issues — especially “climate” and “environment” goals. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, for instance, told Bloomberg the parallels between coronavirus and climate show that everyone must obey “science.” “They have a very different time scale, but there are a lot of similarities in the best way to address both,” he said. “Number one is the most important: You’ve got to be aware of and accept the science and make decisions based on data — even if that is uncomfortable.”

In other words, forget liberty and self-government — technocracy and rule by “experts” and “scientists” armed with dubious “data” will determine the future course of humanity, even if it is “uncomfortable.”

Even the supposedly Conservative government of Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom has jumped on the bandwagon. Speaking via video link to the climate summit in Berlin, U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that when coronavirus recedes, “it will be the duty of every responsible government to see that our economies are revived and rebuilt in a way that will stand the test of time.” “That means investing in industries and infrastructure that can turn the tide on climate change,” he told the assembled globalists and government officials.

Hollywood celebrities added their voices to the corona chorus, too. Just this week, a gaggle of some 200 celebrities and scientists issued an editorial in a major French newspaper demanding “radical transformation” of the world’s economy and values in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Supposedly, this “profound overhaul of our goals, values, and economies” will help avoid “the massive extinction of life on Earth.” Among those signing the “No To A Return To Normal” were Madonna, Robert De Niro, Jane Fonda, and many more you have probably never heard of.

Media propaganda on the issue has been deafening. The U.K. Guardian, perhaps the world’s main peddler of climate hysteria, but by no means unique, claimed there was “data” and “scientific research” supposedly showing that global-warming and coronavirus “are linked,” and apparently this is very “clear.” The paper did not bother to cite any data, instead writing a story around a 30-year-old climate activist named Emily Atkin. The activist claims those who reject her views are “just stupid” and that there is some sort of giant conspiracy of “climate denial” that also rejects what she considers to be the appropriate level of hysteria over coronavirus.

Anti-human extremists in the press have actually been celebrating the potential of coronavirus to advance their “climate” agenda for months. On March 5, for example, Times of London columnist Ed Conway wrote a piece celebrating the possibility that the virus would kill large numbers of “old” people, who, “let’s face it, are more likely to be climate skeptics.” He also cheered on the economic collapse, arguing that it would help reduce human-released “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere by grounding planes and reducing economic activity.

Even Pope Francis has jumped on the bandwagon. Infuriating Catholics around the world, the left-wing pontiff even suggested that the coronavirus was Mother Earth’s revenge for humanity’s lack of environmental concern. “Is it possible that this is nature’s hour of reckoning with us?” he wondered, suggesting the Earth was “having a fit” in response to the supposed “ecological sin” and pollution of mankind. “There’s a saying that you surely know: God always forgives, we forgive sometimes, [but] nature never forgives.” editor Marc Morano, the world’s most-quoted climate realist, commented on the growing extremism of climate alarmists celebrating coronavirus as an opportunity to re-shape the world. “If you like living under the coronavirus fears and government-mandated lockdowns, then you’ll love living your life under a ‘climate emergency’,” Morano said in a special report compiling quotes from alarmists. Indeed, governments’ ostensible responses to coronavirus have already enacted many long-sought goals of the climate movement, he explained, pointing to shutting down air travel, stopping economic growth, reduced energy consumption, and more.

Interestingly, technocracy expert Patrick Wood, author of two books on the subject, documented the links between coronavirus alarmists and the climate alarmists and sustainability zealots. Consider the self-styled “global university” known as Imperial College London, which was at the center of the fear-mongering operation used to trigger societal lock-downs and economic shutdowns worldwide, using now-debunked forecasts and projections. Aside from being funded by Bill Gates, the university specializes in promoting the UN’s “sustainable development” agenda and climate hysteria. Wood also pointed out that phony models were used to drum up fear over coronavirus, just like on climate.

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Don Owers

Well 2020 did cause some panic but apparently not enough to convince the free marketers that things have to change . Small governments mean less democracy, cutting tape leads to corruption free trade is a race to the bottom…