Land And Carbon Credit Fraudsters Busted in London

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TN Note: There is a definite trend in the discovery of outright fraud when it comes to carbon credits, perhaps because there is so much confusion about exactly what they are and what they are worth. Here is another recent example.

Several million pounds are to be confiscated from six criminals, five of whom are currently jailed, who profited from scams that saw hundreds of elderly investors sold worthless plots of land and valueless carbon credits.

This marks one of the biggest ever cash seizures for the City of London Police, which is the National Policing Lead for Fraud.

Matthew Noad, 32, Clive Griston, 54, Harry Neal, 31, Kerry Golesworthy, 50, Linda Noad, 59, and Roger Noad, 62, must repay £2.37m to the scams’ victims or face more time behind bars.

The action comes after the City of London Police’s Asset Recovery Team applied to the court to recover the profits of the scams in 2014 after investigations by their Fraud Squad colleagues resulted in the six being sentenced for fraud and money laundering offences.

Between 2005 and 2010 Matthew Noad and Clive Griston ran a London-based boiler room, assisted by Harry Neal, which took in more than £10m from victims conned into believing they would make returns of several hundred percent from sites across the UK that were ripe for housing development.

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