Nigel Farage Fears Brexit ‘Betrayal’ And Warns Of ‘Public Anger’

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British citizens fed up with globalism and the EU Britain shocked the world when they voted for Brexit to leave the EU. The Brexit figurehead, Nigel Farage, suspects that a betrayal is at hand, and warns of a massive backlash.  TN Editor

Farage campaigned vigorously for Brexit and declared the June 23 referendum Britain’s ‘independence day’ after the shock result was confirmed.

Nigel Farage has warned fellow politicians that any attempt to block or delay Britain’s exit from the European Union will be met with untold anger from the public.

In a statement released after the historic High Court ruling on Article 50 the interim Ukip leader said he fears a Brexit “betrayal” is on the horizon.

The judges ruled that the government doesn’t have the power to trigger two-year exit process Article 50 without a vote by MPs.

Farage campaigned vigorously for Brexit and declared the June 23 referendumBritain’s “independence day” after the shock result was confirmed.

After the High Court ruling was announced on Thursday morning Farage said: “I worry that a betrayal may be near at hand.

“Last night at the Spectator Parliamentary Awards I had a distinct feeling that our political class, who were out in force, do not accept the 23rd of June Referendum result.

“I now fear that every attempt will be made to block or delay the triggering of Article 50 .

“If this is so, they have no idea of the level of public anger they will provoke.”

Three of England’s top judges gave the ruling after a costly three-day hearing.

The Government immediately announced it would appeal to the Supreme Court.

Ukip millionaire donor Arron Banks accused the “legal establishment” of “declaring war on British democracy”.

He added: “Parliament voted six-to-one in favour of letting the people decide.

“They didn’t get the answer they wanted, and now they’re going to use every dirty trick in the book to try to sabotage, delay or water down Brexit.”

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