Renewed Demands To Tax Red Meat To Fight ‘Ethical Problem’ Of Climate Change

A Sunday roast to be banned? (Wikipedia)
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TN Note: The global attack on beef and dairy cattle is totally irrational and yet is dead serious. Alarmists claim that cattle produce an unfair amount of methane gas and therefore you should change your eating habits (eat less beef) so that more ranchers can go out of business. This will curtail the bovine population and help to heal our planet, they say. If you think that radical environmentalists do not intend to micromanage your diet and eating habits, then you don’t understand radical environmentalists.

With cattle contributing a tenth of global emissions, people are ‘ethically obliged’ to change their eating habits, an influential government think tank says.

Denmark is considering proposals to introduce a tax on red meat, after a government think tank came to the conclusion that “climate change is an ethical problem”.

The Danish Council of Ethics recommended an initial tax on beef, with a view to extending the regulation to all red meats in future. It said that in the long term, the tax should apply to all foods at varying levels depending on climate impact.

The council voted in favour of the measures by an overwhelming majority, and the proposal will now be put forward for consideration by the government.

In a press release, the ethics council said Denmark was under direct threat from climate change, and it was not enough to rely on the “ethical consumer” to ensure the country meets its UN commitments.

“The Danish way of life is far from climate-sustainable, and if we are to live up to the Paris Agreement target of keeping the global temperature rise ‘well’ below 2°C, it is necessary both to act quickly and involve food,” the council said.

Cattle alone account for some 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, while the production of food as a whole makes up between 19 and 29 per cent, the council said.

Danes were “ethically obliged” to change their eating habits, it said, adding that it is “unproblematic” to cut out beef and still enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet.

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laura m.
laura m.

Human population growth needs to get under control, which is the main threat to climate change. (to incl drought and famine). Too many cars on the roads. Breeding is out of control in many countries. This beef tax plan would hurt farmers. Farmers need to raise and make more available: goat meat, goat dairy products, horse meat, like pork which is widely available even in the U.S. People would choose more variety then. Perhaps farmers can diversify to these other animals. Taxing any red meats is not the answer, because goat, lamb etc. would be taxed too, then later pork.… Read more »


All things considered in what you said, farmers cannot organize because the small/organic farmers are not powerful enough to survive taking on Goliath and the conventionals will not bite the hand that subsidized them into being able to make a fair living while keeping the costs down where those who can afford meat will buy it.


These apecial interests and government approved agenda groups are invested in “think tanks” because the object of a tank is to break through any opposition and to subdue it before it has a chance to counter attack, and as usual the tanks built with the biggest funding and therefore the largest numbers wins. We are under attack from many directions.