Expert: Rise Of Sex Robots Leading To Moral And Legal Challenges

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Twisted Technocrat logic will make way for so-called ‘sentient’ robots to receive legal human status. What if a man ‘rapes’ a sex robot that he does not own? Does the robot have rights and/or moral choice? Technocracy is coloring every conceivable aspect of human existence.  TN Editor

The rise of sex robots is presenting increasingly difficult moral and legal dilemmas, an expert has warned.

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with sex dolls increasingly lifelike.

“Humans having sex with other humans who are unable to consent to sex, like children and adults lacking decision-making capacity, is seen as unlawful and unethical.

“So is human/animal sex. Such groups are recognised as sentient beings who cannot consent to sex with interests in need of protection.

“Sentient, self-aware sexbots created to engage in emotional/sexual intimacy with humans disrupt this tidy model.

“They are not humans, though they will look like us, feel like us to touch and act as our intimate and sexual partners.

“While they will be manufactured, potentially from biological components, their sentience, self-awareness and capacity for relationships with humans mean that they cannot simply be categorized as things or animals.

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I see nothing much wrong with this. For thousands of years men and women have used sex toys, and a sex robot will only be a very expensive and sophisticated sex toy.

Patrick Wood

Walter, of course you would see nothing wrong with this because you are a Technocrat.


God said He would never destroy the world by water again. So the next time it’s going to be by fire. Fire cleanses.


Robots are for people too weak minded to be able to have a relationship with a real human being. So ‘sex with a robot’ is just another form of masturbation.