Rogue Climate Activist’s Startup Company To Release ‘Mini Volcanoes’ To Cool Atmosphere

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Brazen geoengineering will launch weather balloons to inject sulphur particles into the stratosphere to “help cool the planet”. The company Make Sunsets is run by CEO  Luke Iseman. Iceman is the former Director of Hardware at Y Combinator, a seedbed of Technocrat and Transhumanist startup companies. There is zero public or government support for Iseman’s actions. ⁃ TN Editor

A Mexico-based startup will next week launch sulphur particles into the stratosphere in a “rogue” move to create a “mini-volcano” effect it says could help cool the planet.

The technique, known as stratospheric aerosol injection, mimics the impact of volcanoes by using a weather balloon to release sulphur, creating a cloud of particles that reflect the sun’s rays and have a cooling impact.

It is one of several geoengineering techniques being studied as a way to cool the planet to avoid breaching internationally agreed limits on global warming.

The amount of particles that start-up Make Sunsets plans to release in coming days, up to 2kg, will make a minimal difference to overall warming.

But experts in geoengineering say the launches set a dangerous precedent for private companies or governments to interfere with the planet’s atmosphere.

The company is backed by two venture capital funds, and is selling “cooling credits” to the public for $15 (£12), which it says pays for 1g of sulphur, expected to produce enough cooling to offset a ton of carbon emissions for a year.

It released a first balloon in December in Mexico, but will next week launch from California, after the Mexican government released a statement criticising the first effort.

Co-founder Luke Isemans said the potential risks of what he is doing are outweighed by the known threat of climate change.

“I think that pretty quickly leads a rational person to an uncomfortable conclusion that we have a moral obligation to already be doing this at scale,” he told the Telegraph. “Every day we don’t do this is causing needless harm to people and ecosystems.”

Global non-use agreement

The practice is so far largely unregulated, leading experts to warn of the dangers of taking action without global consensus.

If conducted on a large scale, there are concerns the technique could deplete the ozone layer, or change precipitation patterns. Hundreds of scientists have signed a call for a global non-use agreement to stop the development and potential use of all large-scale solar geoengineering technologies.

“It would basically change precipitation patterns, meaning it could mess up the monsoon, which would affect millions of people,” said Lili Fuhr, from the Center for International Environmental Law. “Basically, you’re impacting everyone on this planet, so everyone should have a say. There’s not one country or actor that can take control of the global thermostat and do it benignly for everyone else.”

Experts warn that this cheap and easy method could make it more tempting for governments to use, which could have the potential to fuel conflicts if it goes wrong.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Val Valerian

Seems like an ignorant, stupid and redundant effort, since the planet’s climate is already COOLING by virtue of the cyclical activity of the Sun. So again its something that is based on a lie. The average cooling between 2030 and 2040 is estimated to be 20 degrees from the usual range. Typical activities for “Technocrat and Transhumanist scientism.”

J c habi

Climate change fears are grossly exaggerated! Sulphur in the atmosphere could fall and kill people and animals, and seriously affect airlines! The volcano in Iceland stopped all flights right round the world for months! This experiment is as bad as a war!


Gates has also come out in favor of these experiments. They are basically creating an intentional nuclear fallout condition in the atmosphere to block out the sun. Have they forgotten plants need sun to create oxygen from co2? This will increase the co2 levels which they claim is destroying the planet. Can these lying morons please make up their minds? Of course, with their endgame of 95% global depopulation, this will help their ultimate final solution. If we don’t stop these lunatics they will kill us all.

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[…] Rogue Climate Activist’s Startup Company To Release ‘Mini Volcanoes’ To Cool Atmosphere […]


What’s with that stupid drawing?? LOLOL All they have to do is aim a DEW at something to cause an earthquake or a volcano to go off. I think the Fukushima quake was ‘MAN-MADE’. As well as the Turkey quake!! I also think that a DEW was used to take down MANY of the buildings in Turkey. Just like the WTC on 9/11…..those, TOO, we a DEW (AND by OTHER MEANS, that brought buildings down!!….they used more than one ‘tool’)

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[…] Read More: Rogue Climate Activist’s Startup Company To Release ‘Mini Volcanoes’ To Cool Atmos… […]

[…] zu verändern, liefern Unternehmen wie I.C.E. (Ice Crystal Engineering). Firmen wie Brazen Geoengineering entwickeln derzeit sogenannte Mini-Vulkane, die, an Ballons hängend, Partikel in der Stratosphäre […]