John Podesta: The Trilateral Commission Link To UFO/Alien Mania?

John Podesta
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All of a sudden, UFO mania is sweeping America after the shootdown of some unknown object in Alaska. NORAD says it doesn’t rule out aliens. Washington creates a UFO Task Force to investigate if it was aliens. A top 4-star general in charge of US airspace says he isn’t ruling out aliens. Well, this was unexpected, wasn’t it? Not really.

This writer was watching closely when Trilateral Commission member John Podesta left the Obama Administration in 2015 where he served as Counselor to the President. He is currently Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden for clean energy innovation and implementation; that is, he is in charge of doling out all Green New Deal spending in the United States. Actually, Podesta is credited as being the chief architect of the entire US climate policy starting way back when he served as President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff.

When Podesta exited his stint with Obama in early 2015, Washington Post carried a story, Obama aide John Podesta says ‘biggest failure’ was not securing the disclosure of UFO files. I listened to the interview and heard him say this with his own mouth.

What? The architect of all climate policy and the creator of the Green New Deal policies is worried about UFOs and aliens and having not released the UFO files from places like Area 51 in New Mexico?

This struck me as being completely out of context, out of nowhere. I have scratched my head ever since… until now: The UFO/Alien card is finally being played.

This UFO/alien nonsense has been brewing for a long time and Podesta’s name keeps coming up. In a 2022 article by TMZ, Yep, I Sent Officials To Area 51 In Search Of Aliens, Bill Clinton flatly admitted his search for evidence of aliens:

Former President Bill Clinton made a pretty stunning and important revelation … he said during his time in office he sent federal agents to Area 51 in Nevada to find if aliens were among us.

Clinton told James Corden on ‘Late Late Show’ … he and Chief of Staff John Podesta “sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens.” He also said he wanted a full briefing on Roswell.

In 2016, Podesta’s email account was hacked. NBC News reported this on October 31, 2o16,

When hackers broke into Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s private email account, little did they know they were entering the Twilight Zone.

There, amid the grist and gossip about the inner workings of the campaign — and some pedestrian tidbits about Podesta’s personal life — was irrefutable proof that UFOs were on the radar of one of Washington’s best known power brokers.

Today, this Trilateral Commission operative is in the center of the Biden Administration, rubbing shoulders with fellow Commission member Susan “Benghazi Sue” Rice, who is Biden’s Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

It isn’t too much of a leap to figure that the current outbreak of UFO mania has something to do with John Podesta and Trilateral Commission strategy to conquer the world for Technocracy. Podesta pushed both Clinton and Obama to open up the UFO files, and now he is likely working on the Biden Administration.

The question remains, Why now?

First, it’s a huge slight-of-hand that masks other events taking place; think staging of WWIII, global financial collapse, another WHO-orchestrated pandemic, Great Reset, etc. Second, it conditions the world for a unified, global response to a new, unseen enemy that can only be spearheaded by the United Nations.

The key here is the “unseen” enemy: global warming is unseen; Covid virus is unseen; aliens are unseen.

However, Trilateral Commissioner John Podesta is not unseen, and I would suggest that Technocracy’s war on the world is about to get a lot more intense in 2023.

About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Chuck Finley

The only reason the Government is admitting to UFO’s is to give them an out next time China or any other Government tries to use a balloon to surveil the US. Rather than say we are being spied upon, the Government can call it a UFO.


lol… so you swallowed the baloney story!!!

Chuck Raspa

I think the supposed UFO’s were false flags to cover the rail disaster in Ohio

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Steve Prewitt

It was thoughtful of John to take some time off from pederasty to fill us in on cosmic goings on …


It’s frightening that such a high profile pedophile should become so powerful. And get away with it. “Skippy” Podesta is a danger to all children.


Perfect explanation of how UFO’s are being used. Maybe there are, maybe there are. All we know for certain is they’re being used to control us.

Jack Stone

Diversion from build-up to total war. Also, look up Operation Blue Beam.


Well why not? UFO’s fit right in with all of the globalist conveniently invisible enemies. As the author mentions, unseen global warming, covid and now aliens. Maybe they should go back to school to learn about the restrictions of the speed of light before discussing aliens? Other invisible, or unseen enemies destroying us are invisible structural racism which pops up every 5 seconds or so and invisible self-identifying sex choices leading to body mutilation of children in the USA. Goebbels once again, defines it best, ” Arguments must therefore be crude, clear and forcible, and appeal to emotions and instincts, not… Read more »


C’mon peeps! Don’t take your eyes off the ball! The United States of Corruption is trying to steer you away from the Truth; Pedo Joe & the D.S./Cabal/Blackhats committed Treason & Blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline! What better way to distract America is thru their greatest interest, UFO’s.

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Please look back at the testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin – the assistant of Werner Von Braun – NASA founder and senior rocket scientist.
Werner Von Braun warned about a dangerous group of conspiracists that planned to use every means possible of taking over the world. He stated that their last roll of the dice – “their last card” – will be to stage a fake alien invasion.

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Ah, the Podesta’s – John n Fat Tony – they of nonce ponce kiddie fiddling notoriety – Comet Ping Pong / Pizzagate – and the fact they were both in the Praia da Luz area of Portugal on May 3rd 2007 when Maddy McCann went missing – along with associate pederast. Brit’ failed politico and all-round weirdo, Clement Freud (yep, grandson of that Freud).


“Skippy” Podesta needs to skip town. Our children are not safe.

[…] John Podesta: The Trilateral Commission Link To UFO/Alien Mania? […]


The ‘Alien Invasion’ #PsyOp is coming!! DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!!!!


It’s a distraction. Probably something to do with garnering resources on other planets. And where they gathered in Antarctica was a safe place to conduct their dystopian plans. And with “Skippy” there, and others like him, it could have been another Bohemian Grove. With “Skippy” Podtesta becoming more powerful, it’s dangerous for all children. At least we know why he wasn’t investigated, tried, and convicted for his Comet Pizza vile actions. The Trilateral Commission protects their own.


One of the last cards of the New Age pagan agenda… one that also undermines God and the bible and also another one who’ll call for a world government:
(192) Hoax Alien Invasion Planned – Bill Cooper – YouTube

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[…] Pôvodným zdrojom tohto článku je Technocracy […]

[…] John Podesta: The Trilateral Commission Link To UFO/Alien Mania? […]