UNconventional Grey: The Missing Link Between Geo-Engineering And Climate Change

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This documentary was produced by the late film-maker Michael J. Murphy before his death. It wasn’t discovered until seven years later. I did an extended interview for this documentary and then promptly forgot about it, figuring that nothing came of it. This is a explosive link between geo-engineering and the UN’s Climate Change agenda. Please watch to the end and then share!

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By Elana Freeland
August 2023

The unfinished third documentary UNconventional Grey by Michael J. Murphy has been missing in action since 2016, the year Murphy had planned to release it. It is his third film of truth-telling about Geoengineering, the other two being What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010) and Why in the World Are They Spraying? (2012).

Michael’s targeting began in 2012 just after Why in the World debuted in Los Angeles at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference—just as he began organizing for a third film that, unlike his first two films, would not just wake the public up but rally activists around the Aerosol Collection Project while filling in their grasp of how geoengineering entails crimes against humanity because of an operating agenda for global political power. The objective of the character assassination Michael was subjected to by the usual federally protected perpetrators and “insider” trusted colleagues was about preventing the production of his third documentary UNconventional Grey. Michael managed to rally from the post-2012 assault and to all but complete UNconventional Grey before yet another, even more brutal assault began at the same time that a remarkably similar assault began on the great Canadian activist Suzanne Maher who was spreading chemtrails awareness billboards across Ontario.

And here we are, seven years late and minus a final edit and public debut. UNconventional Grey is now available. We can now hear the thoughtful testimony of Michael Murphy, Marvin Herndon, Patrick Wood, Scott Stevens, Allan Buckmann, Max Bliss, David Lewis, Ed Griffin, Princess Basma Saud of Saudi Arabia, Rosa Koire, Cynthia McKinney, myself, etc. Rosa Koire is now dead (May 31, 2021), as is Michael Murphy (July 22, 2020). Both Michael and Rosa were critics of globalism; both died young.

It is imperative to emphasize that the classified Geoengineering program entailing weather engineering, chemical / electromagnetic engineering, geophysical engineering, directed energy weapons, surveillance and neural engineering, nanotechnology and digital synthetic biology, and hiding and detecting exotic propulsion craft and plasma lifeforms has been run by the CIA under various names since Bernard Eastlund, PhD, was building the powerful ionospheric heater HAARP in Alaska in the 1990s—back when Rosalind Peterson was a California USDA crop inspector and raising her voice against U.S. Navy sonar and the chemical jet trails making a murky cloud cover. In September 2007, Rosalind spoke at the UN 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on “Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All.” She died of cancer on February 4, 2018.

The public is mostly unaware of the danger surrounding classified programs like Geoengineering. Kidnapping, homelessness, accusations of “drug addiction,” internet defamation, murder and mayhem sound decidedly unscientific. Had UNconventional Grey come out in 2016—just four years before the global CV-19 medical / Big Pharma psyop run by the United Nations (UN), World Economic Forum (WEF), and World Health Organization (WHO)—would people have been awake enough to realize what it meant?

UNconventional Grey builds a picture of how Geoengineering—not the “climate change” cover story—leads straight to the UN “sustainable development” / carbons / Agenda 21 / 2030 master plan. In fact, Geoengineering with all of its political muscle is the price of admission to world government as well as the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich ever.

Gratitude to the anonymous person who stumbled upon Michael’s third film, thus flinging his vision upon the waters of chance so that we might take courage from it.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Rick Potvin

Fantastic and timely, given Maui and the Canadian forest fires in Hay River where I worked earlier in life and Yellowknife, NWT. This helps me put the “words” together than “make sense”. “Climate change” is the “cover” for “geoengineering”.

Terrence Small

Great documentary. A word of encouragement. The corporations can have their rug pulled. In what state or nation does a global corporation have its government-issued charter to operate as a business, for stated goals? In what state or nation does a global corporation have a right to work toward substituting itself for your national, state or municipal government? In what state or nation does a global corporation have carte blanche to spray the sky with chemicals that are damaging human, plant and animal life, and altering the biosphere? Answer to all the above: None Solution: gather the evidence that the… Read more »

Jennifer Carrish

Then get off the pot.

Terrence Small

You first.

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Terrence Small

I went over to the domain UnconventionalGrey.com at the end of the film. The web site’s gone. The domain is up for sale for an outrageous fee.  I guess that’s because the fellow who was organizing it all passed away.  Here’s a record in the Wayback Machine. Looks like this issue needs new leadership, and a new web site. https://web.archive.org/web/20230000000000*/UnconventionalGrey.com Also, given the nature and size of the project, the question ought to be asked, Who killed him? That may stop volunteers from stepping up into his shoes. Here’s a snapshot from 2016 when they were fund-raising to complete the film: https://web.archive.org/web/20160319163942/http://www.unconventionalgrey.com/ This looks… Read more »

Jennifer Carrish

Good morning, Rip. You need to get your alarm fixed.


It like to point out that Dane Wigginton drove this poor man to destitute and self harm while filming this project, which led to his ultimate demise. This was sadly exposed recently by Jim Lee of Weather Modification History, the source of Wiggington’s plagerism . Wigginton is a fraud and a verbose gate keeper of this topic and he threatens all who challenge his narcism. He acts the supreme knowledge holder on the subject and uses this hubris to obfuscate. It’s a good insight into the world of controlled opposition.


Proof please, of your claims.
Mr. Murphy does not seem to be the kind of man who would be driven to destitution by anyone. Before Jim Lee, others were calling attnetion to weather modification. As with all knowledge, it is often built upon the groundwork of others.
If Dane Wigginton took the ball and ran with it, good for him, because he has brought more awareness to the subject than anyone else.
Controlled”opposition does exist, so do TROLLS.


I’m speechless. This information needs to get out to all the conservative news outlets.


[…] UNconventional Grey: The Missing Link Between Geo-Engineering And Climate Change […]

Terrence Small

I gave your Unconventional Grey post and video to a professional commercial airline pilot. I thought he would be interested in the project of investigating the chemtrails; but, as he is extremely busy, I didn’t expect an acknowledgement for weeks. However, he surprised me with this quick reply (at this time, I am not free to give his name): “There is no doubt weather modification technology is real, and currently in use. The National Research Council in the 70s and 80s, worked on projects whose goal was to create hydrophilic “condensation nuclei”, which are tiny aerosolized particles that cause moisture… Read more »

Terrence Small

So, where is the “proof” that the contrails are in fact chemtrails? In the video, I noted people planning to go up in the air to the level of the trails to take samples to see what’s in them. Which tells me they don’t know what’s in them and won’t know until they take samples. And the official chemtrails theory also doesn’t explore other possibilities for the spread of mobile aluminum, or the dessication of forests (sinking of minerals below tree-root level is an interesting alleged reason for forest die-offs that comes up in talks about “rock dust” as fertilizer for example),… Read more »


Does your etremely busy professional commercial airline pilot work for a fact-checker on his days off?


Having watched Unconventional Grey, geo-engineers are openly admitting in this documentary that climate data does NOT factor in the geoengineering actions and negative impacts. Surely, therefore, this information would completely undermine the whole UN Agenda 21/2030 narrative that is currently solely being blamed on Humanity (the masses vs the elite). If this data was introduced into the equation it’s difficult to see how the elite could justify the rollout of their sustainable dev’t goals, as they wouldn’t have a justifiable, let alone sustainable, leg to stand on. Have I missed something here, or does this admission render the whole sustainable… Read more »


What an amazing documentary! It should be shared far and wide.

Marcella Amlie

Excellent film pulling many agendas together and providing cogent talking points about climate change being a cover for geo-engineering.

Terrence Small

My other comment has not been published, perhaps it was too long. I shared an email from a friend who is a professional commercial airline pilot, who purports to debunk the chem trail theory. As a pilot, who is up there where the trails occur, his opinion giving the facts as he sees them should be considered as more than reasonable. It’s important to figure out what’s going on. If there is no “chem” in chem trails, but only water vapour as this pilot alleges; and if nonetheless there is a rising amount of “mobile aluminum” in the environment, then… Read more »

[…] UNconventional Grey: The Missing Link Between Geo-Engineering And Climate Change […]


I was watching the video and about 3/4 way through it….it changed to a picture and no video available button to click on….

[…] UNconventional Grey: The Missing Link Between Geo-Engineering And Climate Change […]

Paul Cardin

The prominent group Van Der Graaf Generator released an album in the US in 1969 entitled “Aerosol Grey Machine”. I haven’t researched this or spotted any significance. I’m just putting the information out there. Thanks.