April 2019


To Hide Surveillance Tech, Feds Drop Child Porn Cases

It is deeply disturbing that courts are dropping criminal cases in order to shield the government’s clandestine surveillance software that was used to bring charges in the first place. The Feds have created public-private partnerships in order to create a wall of secrecy to hide behind.

The FBI Has Gone Rogue With Its Facial Recognition Systems

Technocrats at the FBI are driven to collect unending streams of data on any and all citizens. Any oversight or attempts to regulate are ignored or passively resisted. Other Intel agencies have followed the same pattern.  In the meantime, Americans are being corralled into a Total Surveillance Society scenario similar to China.

Police State: Trashing The Fourth Amendment

The next time you get stopped by a patrol car, a police blood draw van might roll up behind and demand to take your blood, and you might be strip-searched. All personal data harvested from the incident becomes the property of the Federal government, whether you did anything wrong or not.