July 2022

Technocracy And Empire: The Influence Of Zbigniew Brzezinski

his is a recent article by a European blogger, Hügo Krüger, that looks into the life of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a co-founder of the Trilateral Commission – the genesis of modern globalization. Brzezinski was David Rockefeller’s right-hand man until both dies a few years ago. Brzezinski is still credited as being the chief architect of China’s entrance into the global economy and its transformation into a Technocracy.

Chemical Warfare: Disrupting The Enemy’s Health Is An Age-Old Military Tactic

The Biden Administration is spending almost $5 billion for 171 million untested and unapproved mRNA shots this winter at $29 each to inject into the American population. It has options to buy another 600 million shot if Congress allocates more funding. The cumulative effect of multiple injections are already causing major health disruptions.

Ships Sit Afar: Disrupting The Enemy’s Supply Chain Is An Age-Old Military Tactic

The nation’s critical supply chain consists of ships, trucks, rail and air, all of which are suffering from failures and delays. Air transport can’t find enough pilots. Trains are faltering. Truckers are going out of business. Ships are stacked up waiting for port loading/unloading. While some of the problems are naturally occurring, the whole system is being pushed over the edge by climate insanity.

Whitehead: Your DNA Is In The Lineup At The Genetic Panopticon

Headlines about DNA are everywhere: Military labs collect DNA for genetic warfare, law enforcement collects DNA for criminal identification, the UN is building a universal DNA database on all species on earth, synthetic DNA is being created from computer modeling, etc. It’s a dystopian panopticon.

Insects As Flying Syringes For Genetic Modification, Eugenics And Population Control

My presentation for the Crimes Against Humanity Task Force documents and explains the history behind “the takeover of all genetic material on earth”. The manipulation of life on earth is an old dream but technology has now provided the means to accomplish it, and Technocrat/Transhuman scientists are working day and night to change the world’s DNA. My forthcoming book, The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, will connect all the dots to this mad program.

Monetary Transformation: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

If “the fish rots from the head down”, then look no further than the Bank for International Settlement for the rapid implementation of CBDCs throughout the world. The chart below is likely out of date, with much more development having been conducted since the data was collected. The CBDC network is the chosen monetary system for the other side of the Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab: ‘We Have The Means To Impose The State Of The World’

In the James Bond movie of the same name, SPECTRE stood for “Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”. Schwab mirrors criminal mastermind and protagonist, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, when he states, “Let’s be clear the future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive…

From initial conception to actuality, the Great (pandemic) Panic of 2020 was promulgated by lies, deceit and corruption and a nasty lab-engineered virus that nobody dared take responsibility for. Basically, everything was a lie and continues to be based on lies. The whole world suffered the same fate, but in the US, medical Technocrats like Fauci and Birx deserve to be prosecuted and held accountable.